Works of the Future and Digital Transformation

Works of the future and digital transformation

The digital transformation creates ways not only new jobs, but other ways of working that you might like

  • Industry 4.0 needs new professionals and offers new ways of working. There are not enough professionals.
  • Productivity improvement is one of the biggest advantages of digital transformation.
  • Check the existing job offers for digital positions. It is a growing market.

If we look back, 2017 has been the year in which we have witnessed that great technological advances are already a reality in our personal and professional lives.

Faced with this new panorama, we review the new characteristics of the labor world as a result of labor transformation. It is important to keep this new context in mind when looking for and generate employment and be more competitive in the face of new work offers.

New professions

Industry 4.0 makes it necessary to incorporate professionals for positions, so far, non-existent in many companies. Artificial Intelligence experts, professionals for the application of Big Data, or Digital Marketing professionals are very necessary in all types of sectors to respond to the demands of users and adapt to the growth rate of the digital era.

Remember to look for what professional profiles, regardless of the area of ​​knowledge, you need the sector you want to dedicate to, before choosing the specialization you are interested in developing. It does not have to be decisive in your choice, but you will know better the labor landscape that you face after your master’s or postgraduate degree.

In addition to the main knowledge related to your professional career, keep in mind all the labor requirements demanded of new professionals, and that will improve your candidacy, such as:

  • Languages
  • Software
  • Application of technologies to your sector
  • Experience in research projects
  • Internships or training in a foreign university
  • Previous work experience
  • Hobbies and non-professional specialization
  • Volunteering and participation in projects for social purposes

New ways of working: undertake

The digital transformation creates the need to provide solutions to new problems, or create products that adapt to our new ways of living and working. For this reason, the current climate is very favorable for entrepreneurship in the face of new business opportunities.

The incorporation into the world of work does not have to be limited to being part of the workforce of a company, but can start with the creation of a startup or project that innovates in the sector. With the help of investment experts and business accelerators you can establish a company aimed at a new niche market, or the shortcomings to cover the new B2B relationships.

Self-employment as a way to offer services to companies, or work as a collaborator for several projects is another way to add value to the sector and to offer customized solutions for more than one company. In this way, the billing of your work will depend on your productivity and a wide portfolio of clients to whom you offer your professional profile.

New personal alternatives for workers

Technological applications in the organization of work and its use to communicate and coordinate with large teams easily, regardless of geographical distance; they are key to incentivize remote work and to encourage work and personal reconciliation.

Having a permanent job or being part of the workforce of a company is no longer incompatible with geographical mobility, or the development of work outside the company’s facilities. The flexibility of these new ways of working are very positive to create more productive and innovative work climates.

Join the new digital and labor transformation! Do you want to work in the digital sector?

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