Why Study in Canada? Complete Guide 2019

Why Study in Canada

The best guide for you to study in Canada is easier. We want to help you fulfill your dream of completing your academic studies in this country. Read our guides carefully:

In Canada you can find everything you need to reach your educational goals, making all this an unforgettable experience. It is a multicultural country, where you will also find security, technological innovations, and also the courses and programs necessary for you to fulfill your objectives.

There are many reasons to study in Canada, and each of these offers advantages and benefits, although the main one is the reputation of educational excellence in this country, mainly because it is recognized throughout the world for its educational quality. In this way, Canadian degrees offer a value and contribution to the curriculum so essential that many want to study there.

One of the best reasons that Canada offers is a safe environment, and that is why many international students feel secure in choosing this country as their main destination. You can enjoy the nightlife, attend outdoor activities, go out alone or with friends, use public transport, you can travel with total tranquility to other cities, and much more. Among the safest and cleanest places, we can mention Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

This country is multicultural and it promotes diversity. In this territory you can enjoy not only the studies, nightlife and security, but also different rich dishes from other territories such as Italy, Mexico, Thailand, Japan, etc. It should be noted that, the natural beauty that surrounds Canada is unmatched, and you can enjoy your international companions camping in the middle of nature, and all this thanks to a diverse geography and all the sites that the territory contemplates useful to explore.

As regards studies, in addition to the environment and all the aforementioned, it is much cheaper and cheaper to study in Canada, especially tuition, academic programs and degrees, as compared to other countries that can result in 40% cheaper.

What do you need to study in Canada?

If you are interested in pursuing studies in Canada, something that you must not forget are the fundamental requirements to be able to do it without any inconvenience.

The first thing you should keep in mind is to select the place where you want to study, know everything about this place, and enjoy the atmosphere that you will find there. Another aspect is the duration related to the start date and the time to study, regarding this, there are packages of one month, three months, six months, eight months and one year.

It is also important that you are attentive to fill out the registration form, and to cancel the reservation fee. It is important that you pay attention to this since you will have to make the cancellation with credit card, bank transfer, or go directly to the school and cancel there.

If you are an international student you will have to have your visa to be able to study in this country. After making the registration, and having received the letter of acceptance from the school, you must apply for your visa or student permit, for this you can find all the information you need at the Canadian embassy.

Can you study for free in Canada?

Studying in Canada is not free, although you can find some help, and it is also economical. As an example, a student wishing to take an arts and science program, with a duration of approximately eight months, must pay at least C $11,903.

On the other hand, Canada offers one of the cheapest tuition in the world, and this for students who are international, compared to other tuition in the United Kingdom, New Zealand or Australia. Taking into account that the cost of living in Canada is low, the economic advantage in general terms is quite broad.

How to get a Scholarship to Study in Canada?

If you are interested in studying for Canada, there are some university scholarship programs that can help you at all times to meet your objectives. In this way, this great country presents academic collaboration programs for international students, and this has been done in recent years, so if you are interested, you should definitely know them.

Scholarships of the Conacyt

It is a scholarship program that allows professionals to pursue a postgraduate degree in institutions related to the humanities, the scientific, social and technological fields.

Scholarships of the government of Quebec

It consists of a scholarship program that allows international students to carry out different postgraduate courses, in different areas of study although MBAs must be done, in addition to the field of tourism and languages.

Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program Scholarships

It is a set of useful scholarships for those students who want to pursue a doctorate, and also to help them to be trained in any area that is related to the goals of the foundation, which are related to human development, the reduction of poverty, among others.

Caribbean Awards scholarships

It is a program that is promoted by the Canadian government, and is useful for students from Latin America or the Caribbean, so they can make some short research stays that are related to the country’s bilateral relations.

Scholarships by Pierre Elliott Trudeau

It is a Canadian foundation that is responsible for collaborating with doctoral scholarships for students who are interested in conducting research related to the area of ​​humanity. But not only that, but also for those related to social justice and human rights.

In general terms, it is recommended to follow a series of steps to opt for each one of the scholarships in Canada, among which we can mention keeping high marks during the studied courses, this in order to maintain the scholarship; you should also start with the processing of the necessary documents well in advance; You must not have scholarships or have any loan from any other type of school or educational institution; you must have on hand the records of grades and also the academic degrees obtained; among many others.

What careers do we recommend studying in Canada?

Studying in Canada has its benefits, that is why, next, the most outstanding careers to study in this wonderful country will be mentioned, which can grant you great opportunities to grow and obtain the job you want.

Business and business management

It is an important career and high demand, in Canada you can find many degree programs, but also diplomas and graduate, which are related to the area of ​​business and focus on the entrepreneurship of professionals.

Sciences of mathematics and statistics

It is an innovative program but also opens the doors to great opportunities, so you have academic experience but also work. In this career you can find mathematical concepts and the development of innovative ideas related to the field.


It is a career related to the heart of each city. In spite of this, it is not only a matter of memorizing dates and events, but also of studying the continuity of past societies, peoples and cultures, knowledge of interests and many curiosities, as well as the formulation of different types of arguments that relate to the evidence.

International business management

It is an ideal training program for those who are interested in international business, which is related to the industry, and business on a global scale. In this career you can find different ideal bases such as project management and communications within business.


The institutions responsible for designing programs that focus on technology studies offer the necessary knowledge for the design and evolution of the same, in a practical approach in different programs.


It is an important career that is related to human behavior, but also to the mind. In Canada, this career is important and different training programs and courses are used so you can learn about biological, personality and social psychology, research design, human development and much more.


Studying nursing in Canada is ideal since it is one of the most important careers that can be completed in four years. Here you can find clinical practice from the first year of the course, and also, you will acquire the experience you need as part of the learning resources of this specific area, with patient simulators, meeting different real situations and emergencies, in an environment in which said reality is imitated in a safe way.

To conclude, there are many other careers that are important and that are ideal to study in Canada, however, everything depends on your needs and also your attitudes, in addition, you have to meet a series of fundamental requirements to be able to pursue all these careers in said country.

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