What do Filipino Data Entry Jobs have in Store for You?

Data Entry Jobs

Given the omnipresent nature of computers at the workplace today, data entry jobs are high in demand. Data entry jobs are found in almost every office, where feeding regular data is required. Naturally, the key skills needed to qualify for data entry jobs include decent typing speed, concentration skills, organisational skills, communication skills and the ability to sit for long periods of time entering and computing data on the system.

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From public to private organisations, data entry jobs can be found in a variety of sectors in the Philippines. The popular employers for this role include banks and public sector, marketing companies, accounting companies, human resources, corporate businesses, MNCs, study centers, schools and universities, hospitals or healthcare service providers, insurance firms and small-scale businesses, among others. Overall, data entry jobs are meant to help organisations keep up with recording and analysing the information gathered on a day-to-day basis. As a data entry operator, your primary roles and responsibilities would include inputting data in a quick and efficient manner, creating data storage, organising and analysing data in a clear and effective way, recovering useful data when needed through best possible methods, managing computer and database systems proficiently, preparing and editing reports based on the information put in the system.

There are a number of different data entry job roles that you may explore. Some of them are accounts clerk, bank officer, human resource officer, office administrator, project support officer, word processing operator, administrative assistant and secretary.

As someone exploring a career in data entry jobs, you have much in store for learning. Your computer skills and numerical capabilities are enhanced over time, making you adept for other similar roles as well. You also have the flexibility to work according to your own schedule and make more as per your typing speed.

So, what educational background qualifies you for data entry jobs? Do they need you to have a specific degree or qualification? For most employers, the answer is, no. As long as you have a degree in any discipline, you are eligible to apply for data entry jobs. There might be a few employers who require specific scores or additional qualifications such as a computer course. Apart from this, any candidate for data entry jobs would be expected to have high proficiency in MS Office.

If you think you meet these basic requirements for data entry jobs, you should begin your job hunt with a well-constructed resume. If you are already in the line, and wish to explore new options, reach out to your existing network and online job boards for opportunities. You might also want to prep on your interview skills such as the right body language and how well you speak, in order to come across as a confident candidate. Make sure you research about the company well before you interview with them, as it always helps in your favor. Make yourself a rewarding career with data entry jobs.

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