7 Universities in the US offering Scholarships for International Students

7 Universities in the US offering Scholarships

One of your goals is to study in the United States? Take advantage of the scholarships granted by universities to international students. Below, we show you 7 to which you can apply this 2019.

1. Missouri Western State University

It is granted to students who will study their first year of university. It consists of $6,100 for the first year, but you can renew it for the rest of the courses.

It is a requirement that applicants have a TOEFL score of 72 and a grade equivalent to A-. Take into account that the cost of tuition is $13,500 per year, so the scholarship helps you with almost 50%.

Missouri Western State University also has a grant to obtain a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Grants a merit scholarship of $2,500 per year.

The normal 2-year program costs $11,500 dollars each year. You can choose a specialization in: General Business, Forensic Accounting, Business Resource Planning or Life Sciences.

For more information, contact goglobal@missouriwestern.edu or WhatsApp + 1-816-262-5634.

2. Cedar Crest College

The Education USA website notes that “Cedar Crest College offers international students generous opportunities for merit scholarships.”

Different types of support will be granted to first-year students. Take note: presidential scholarship $21,000 per year; fiduciary scholarship $ 19,000 dollars per year; Founding Scholarship $18,000 per year and Dean’s Scholarship $ 17,000 per year.

To get the scholarship, you must first be admitted to school. Click here to see the requirements.

3. Marquette University

This scholarship is for students of high academic performance. It covers the entire enrollment and is renewable for four years.

The requirements are: that international students attend their last year of high school, that their school is outside the United States, and demonstrate their leadership with curricular and extracurricular activities. You can obtain more information by clicking here.

4. Seattle University

Seattle University invites first-year international students to participate in the #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship.

The award will cover 50% of the tuition and will be renewable for three additional years.  Demonstrate interest and personal initiative in activities that involve intercultural exchange and learning.

Click here to register and get more information about the scholarship.

5. Snow College

Snow College offers scholarships for international students of all semesters, the requirement is that they have academic excellence.

“Students must be able to perform assigned leadership functions and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 to maintain the award.

The deadline for the spring semester is October 1st, “they write. The prizes are $ 3,000, $ 5,000 and $ 9,800, depending on the merit. Click here for more information.

6. Lane Community College

Apply for the Lane Community College fall scholarship. The amounts range from $ 500 dollars to $ 3,500 dollars. You have until June 15 to apply for the scholarship.

The supports are for anyone who has not studied at school and are awarded through a competitive process. Check all the requirements here.

7. Valencia College

“The Valencia College Global Achievers Award recognizes new high-performing international students who are entering their first year.”

In their web page they point out that the amount of the prize varies from $500 to $1,000 dollars and is based on the achievement of merits obtained during the baccalaureate level. Take into account that the prize is not renewable.

To register and get more information, click here.

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