Top 5 Tips for Studying in the United Kingdom

Top 5 Tips for Studying in the United Kingdom

Studying abroad is a dream for many and those who get the opportunity to fulfill their dream, still needs to fight for it. You need to know how your life will transform in the new state. Here we have all tips for studying in UK. These tips for students in UK will surely be very productive for you. Just scroll down and get ready.

1. Planning your expenses

According to Indiashoppers when you move to a different country, it can be a complete surprise for you. Maybe a few things will shock you and the most important one of them will be the prices of a lot of things.

The very first thing you will face will be with your accommodation, you might find it so expensive and yet not so effective service which you could have get at quite very lesser price in most of the world. After accommodation, you need to think about the expenses on your food.

You might get fast foods at a cheaper price may be just like the prices in your country but if you plan to eat something healthy like salads, they might be much more expensive and may hurt your budget a lot. There are so many restaurants that may offer you food of your country and you might plan visiting them once in a while and you will face the same things there. So you need to be very cautious while planning your expenses.

2. Keeping up with the courses

Once you are there in your university, it is not so easy task to cover the courses well, in UK, you need consistent researches and deep knowledge of your subject. You will have to keep up with newspapers, magazines, radio and internet for the research.

There you will be expected to explore more outside the wall of your classes than you will read in your books. Students there spend most of their time in the library sometimes skipping the classes for the better good.

3. Adapting the accent

If you are Non-European, you might be facing a lot of difficulties in adapting the language and accent of UK but its better if you adapt it faster. Try watching movies with subtitles, talk to friend who may help. You might be fluent in English but their accent and speed is yet a concern for a large audience that is already studying in UK.

Not just you’re University, outside that also when you go for shopping or even visiting any place, a familiar accent can save you a good amount of money and helps you in better communication. These things sounds silly but they can drastically harm your confidence in a country where you will be going through a very tough competition.

4. Keep your passport with you

Your passport is your identity in a different country. No matter if it’s UK or some other place, it is really very important to keep your passport by your side. If it gets stolen or you miss it by any chances, it is very important for you to complaint in the police station and get it back.

It sounds like a little thing if you are going to be there for 2-3 years or may be longer but believe me it can throw you into some serious problems that may waste your time and money. It’s better to be precautions than regretful. You can also search for various jobs online.

5. A moral advice

When you are in a University in UK or some other place, you need to figure out what things are of your concern and what not. You must step into only those matters that seriously affects you otherwise it’s better to stay away.

Another thing to keep in mind is to participate in activities as much as you can. They helps you represent yourself better and boosts your confidence to the peak. You surely get rewarded for everything you do for the university. Not just some extra points, you also get extra attention in academics as well if you are good in other activities.


Now you are very well aware of things to keep in mind when you are in a university in UK. We have brought your attention to your life in the university and away from it. These things cannot be missed and must be in your mind before and after you are there. Plan things for the better goods and a very good luck for your life and performance in the new state.

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