The 5 best sites to download Audiobooks legally

best sites to download audiobooks legally

Audiobooks are a great way to gain knowledge and improve the sense of hearing. In certain situations it is difficult to be able to take out a book to be able to read, and it is better to simply take the headsetslisten, learn and reflect.

Today there are many sites to download audiobooks, but we show you 5 sites for legal downloads:

1. Amazon

While this site has one of the largest collections of books at the digital level, most are usually paid. However, you can find a section with free audiobooks, which you can download easily and legally.

2. LibriVox

For users of the European Union, this site has volunteers from all over the world who produce audiobooks by reading classics and public domain works.

3. Audible

This site belongs to Amazon, and has more than 180,000 audio files, which you can access for free during a trial month. After that month you must pay a small fee to continue accessing the books.

4. Lit2Go

This portal is similar to LibriVox, with public domain book readings and Creative Commons license.

5. Audioteka

This site only offers the opportunity to download audiobooks, but when you are not sure whether to buy or not, Audioteka offers you to listen for free the first 5 minutes and even a larger part of the book, as is the case of the biography of Steve Jobs, of which you can download 2.30hs of reading.

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