The 10 Job Skills most valued by Companies

Job Skills most valued by Companies

Do you consider yourself a complete professional? Know which are the skills that companies value most when hiring staff.

  • The digital transformation has led to the creation of new professional demands.
  • These are the skills that most companies demand, achieving them will increase your employability.
  • Pro-activity or language management are some of the current needs of companies.

The labor market is increasingly demanding and companies must demand from their employees new skills to contribute to the growth of the organization.

When looking for a job, we are very concerned about the presentation of our curriculum, asking if our skills will be adequate to awaken interest in scheduling a personal interview. But neglect, then, we offer you the 10 characteristics that an employee must have to succeed in their work. 

1. Manage languages

In a globalized world and thanks to the media, companies are increasingly installed in different countries in order to lower production costs.

Multinationals have taken an important role in trade and the flow of imports and exports is steadily increasing. This makes language knowledge a very important quality when evaluating candidates.

2. Adaptation capacity

Tolerance and adaptation to changes is a feature highly valued by recruiters. It allows a better integration and a better relationship in the work teams, clients and suppliers.

This means that the work environment contributes to the correct performance of the workers and is reflected in the productivity of the company.

3. Loyalty

The conduct of employees in a company is essential to achieve codes of good behavior within an organization.

4. Being versatile

Having a good performance in different areas is an ideal complement for an employee.

Having skills in different fields will allow you to cover more phases within the production process.

5. Possess financial and accounting skills

The management of financial skills such as administration and accounting is a quality increasingly sought after in the market. Currently, there is more demand than supply in this sector.

6. Pro-activity

The initiative to develop creative projects, always surrounded by a halo of positivity and optimism is a quality that is increasingly found in the market. Employees generally seek to complete their daily workday without considering their personal growth.

The organizations consider pro-activity as very positive, since it shows the entrepreneurial spirit of the people.

7. Work capacity

An employee who concentrates his energies on his tasks and who carries them out in the right way is increasingly difficult to achieve. Good disposition and a docile personality is a quality that will make you grow both professionally and personally.

8. Negotiation capacity

The ability to reach negotiations and improve the conditions of cost and benefit have to do mainly with the personality of the worker and not so much with their academic training.

The recruiter will analyze these characteristics that are almost as important as the studies you have done.

9. Innovation capacity

The profiles oriented to the investigation and the development are very demanded in the industrial and pharmaceutical sector where the innovation is determining for the growth. In addition, they require a thorough work.

10. Good relationship

The good relationship between employees is a feature of great importance. Team work is important within a company considering that it contributes to a fluent communication and a high level of teamwork.

Relations with customers and suppliers also benefit a worker with good skills for social relations.

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