Scholarships, Aid and Loans for Master Degree in the UK

Scholarships, Aid and Loans for Master Degree in the UK

In the United Kingdom, the financial resources available for higher education are considerable. From the government itself to the banks, students receive aids for most of the costs, usually for housing and food.

The first source of help we will talk about is the British Chevening Scolarship, a government grant to foreign students, including those from the Commonwealth (53 countries in all).

This scholarship is awarded to students who arrive with a good academic record, it covers a good part or even the entirety of their alimony.

Good now, the conditions to obtain it are not given to all. It must provide two letters of recommendation, written letters in English. Also, one must have at least three different master’s alternatives in the UK.

To be sure and sure to acquire it from the outset, it is best that you already know how to speak English and that you have at least one offer of university or university degree. If you do not have it yet, you will have to receive it later otherwise your file will not be taken into account for this scholarship.

The scholarship applications are already open until 5 November. You have until July 14 of this year to fill these two “optional” forms, if you do not do it, your file will be refused.

As for the level of English …

Remember that not only must you have the required minimum level, but you must also have an official certificate attesting to your abilities. If you do not have one yet, take one of these exams:

  • The exam called International English Language Testing System (IELTS): you will have to reach the academic level, that is to say an average of 5 or more. Keep in mind that only results above 5.5 are taken into account.
  • Advancelevel of Cambridge English with an average of 176 or higher, and a minimum of 162 points in each exam.
  • That of Pearson PTE you will need an average of 58 to attest to a sufficient academic level. For each event, the minimum average required is 42 points.
  • The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), which can be done on the Internet (iBT), and for which you will be asked a minimum average of 79. For writing and listening tests an average of 17 is required, one of 18 for the written comprehension and one of 20 for the oral one.

It may seem huge but you just have to study a little bit. And from now until next July, you obviously have the time to prepare for one of these scholarships by fulfilling these conditions.

Before we tackle the aid offered by universities, it is important that we take into account the fact that other, non-public means are possible, although it is certainly more interesting to obtain a grant or a financial support.

Schools for Masters only and some banks are inclined to grant grants with rather advantageous terms to postgraduate students in the UK. Here is an example on this website, you will find something corresponding to your request, that’s for sure.

Scholarships from British Universities to study at the Master’s level

Now let’s get to the heart of the problem: university scholarships. These scholarships really attract our attention and bring us not only money but also a certain notoriety.

First, let’s take a moment to point out that there are two distinct types of financial aid for master’s students: bursaries and scholarships.

  • The Bursariesare aids obtained according to the transcript you have. You compete only with yourself, it seems easier to get this kind of help. Your 20% to 50% reduction in your tuition fees is based on the marks you obtained during your studies.
  • The scholarships do not only depend on your academic results but also on the other candidates. The financial coverage is more important, it can cover all of your registration fees if you are in first place in the ranking.

These two endowments are awarded by the universities, so the criteria depend entirely on them, and the process for applying for financial assistance varies from one university to another. If you are going to start a Masters that many schools and universities offer, the best thing to do is to apply for financial assistance in all institutions to increase your chances. With a little vein, at least one university will give it to you.

Let’s get right to the point, let’s make a detailed list of the most famous and important scholarships for UK postgraduate students:

  • Oxford University Rhodes Scholarships: This is the oldest scholarship in the world and is awarded to only 80 students each year. Surely the most prestigious, only exceptional students receive it. A lifetime is often not enough to succeed in having one, but the result is worth it: they cover all teaching costs (yes, all), a “salary” for your expenses and a return ticket from your home country to Oxford and vice versa.
  • The Gates Cambridge Scholarships: Obviously, you have to talk about the competition. The Cambridge Scholarships also cover all university and research costs (taxes, alimony and theft, as in Oxford). A hundred students receive this scholarship every year.
  • The Scholarships of Cardiff University: The Welsh University awards these Scholarships to attract high-level international students. They cover all tuition fees during your course in their school.
  • The Birmingham University Scholarships for International Students: This university awards 10,000 pounds(if you get it) for you to pay your tuition. Only 18 are awarded each year.
  • The London Metropolitan University: Fellowships: These scholarships were created to help you pay tuition fees, although they cover only a portion of the scholarship, not the full amount. There are several alternatives that depend on the organization that will award you the scholarship, you can see them all on the LMU website.
  • The Bristol University Scholarships: 10 scholarships are given each year and each one is worth £ 8,500 – not less – which can be used to pay tuition fees. To be able to obtain it, you have to send to the University a 350 words document (in English, of course) that explains your point of view on the importance of welcoming foreign students to a university.
  • The West London University International Ambassador Scholarships: This is a grant of up to £5,000 to pay the tuition fees. The university makes a point of honor on a certain condition: that you want to be an ambassador of the university around the world, something that should not be a problem considering the honor that it represents. 100 scholarships were awarded for the year 2015.
  • The Swansea University Scholarships: This university offers exclusive scholarships for certain countries, but unfortunately France is not one of them. If you are going to do your master’s degree with them, take a look at the Erasmus + Master Loans loan which is in partnership with banks. The amount will depend on your personal profile.

There are others in addition to these, virtually all universities and schools have their own scholarship systems.

Still, Have Any Questions on Mind?

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