Requirements to Study at a University in the United Kingdom

Requirements to Study at a University in the United Kingdom

Undoubtedly, the United Kingdom is one of the European (and international) benchmarks in quality university education. The prestige of the British higher education centers lies in their educational system, in their wide academic offer and in the Student Loan loan system. In addition, studying at a university in the United Kingdom will allow you to immerse yourself in an international environment and access the labor market with greater preparation and adapted to your sector. There is a widespread idea, probably due to its fame and recognition, that access to a university institution in the United Kingdom is very complicated and expensive, but nothing is further from reality. Do you want to know what are the requirements to access a university in the United Kingdom? Keep reading ;)!

Without Selectivity

One of the major differences with respect to the education system in Spain is that British universities do not require a general entrance exam, as is the case with the Selectividad exam. Instead, it is sufficient that the candidates present good grades in Baccalaureate. Although the required qualifications vary depending on each university, the wide educational offer, both in study programs and centers, allows many students to find theirs, regardless of how good their grades are.

In the United Kingdom, the body that controls the process of admission of students to universities is the Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), but each student will be in charge of applying for admission to the university in which they wish to study.

English Level

Many candidates dismiss the option of studying at a university in the United Kingdom on the grounds that they do not have sufficient English, but this does not have to be a reason for discarding. While many centers require a high level of English, and even certificates or degrees such as IELTS, others conduct their own exams for international candidates. In this way, it is much easier to find a university that suits each student. After all, the proficiency and fluency of English will grow as the semesters pass :).

Motivation Letter

For British universities, the motivation and attitude of students to be trained in them is very important. To understand why, it is enough that we look at how your education system works. It is an eminently practical method, in which the personal and creative development of students is constantly growing. For this reason, its high predisposition to face real cases and practical cases is very important.

In short, the university adventure in the United Kingdom moves away from the traditional concept of “going to university”;You have to show that you are really motivated, willing and eager, and translate it into a letter to convince your future university of it. But this does not end here, since during your career or master’s degree you will have to keep that attitude alive and demonstrate it day after day.

Letter of Recommendation

We continue with the letters! In this case, the universities will not want you to speak to them directly. We must not forget that beyond your prestige, your international recognition and your system of practical teaching and cultivating, in British universities you will continue to deal with teachers and professors, hence you have to provide letters of recommendation from your institute. For universities it is important to have the point of view of another educator that defines you as a student, that explains your way of working and facing the course and that allows them to certify that your profile fits with them. Sure you have a good relationship with one of your high school teachers or with the director of your school or institute, talk to them! Surely agree to write this letter without problem.


It may be strange that a university wants to interview a potential candidate, but if we look at the above requirements and look at the British education system again, it is easy to understand why. In an interview, admissions officers can assess whether the student’s English proficiency is sufficient, as well as measure their level of motivation and predisposition. Although this step is more common in the most renowned and prestigious universities, such as Oxford or Cambridge, it should not be surprising, whatever the university center, that during the admission process candidates are called for an interview.

Although admission processes may vary depending on the center you are applying to, it is most likely that to study at a university in the United Kingdom you have to comply with the ones mentioned above. The presentation of all the documentation, as well as the communication with the universities and the fulfillment of the established deadlines are very important for everything to come to fruition, for this reason it is always a great advantage to have support and advice throughout the process.

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