Recommendations and advice for studying in Australia

Recommendations and advice for studying in Australia

As always from our personal experience, these are the recommendations that we would give you before going to study in Australia:

1. Be very clear about your objective

It will seem like a foolish piece of advice, but for us it is the most important. Be very clear why you have decided to come to Australia and focus your stay in the country to achieve that goal.

The weather in Australia flies by and if you are not sure what you want to achieve with your experience in Australia then you will not make it.

Maybe your goal is to live the experience, then focus on living it to the fullest and stop with nonsense or visa hassles.

If you want to study English, try to make a total linguistic immersion and relate with English speakers.

And if your goal is to find a job in Australia and change your visa then be prepared to sacrifice some time to find an internship or a job that allows you to advance professionally or where you are offered a visa to stay in Australia for one more season long.

2. Choose very well what to study in Australia

And this recommendation is very much linked to the previous one. Depending on what you have come to do in Australia, you will be interested in studying English, a higher education course, a master’s degree or a PhD. Also keep in mind the academy in which you are going to study.

For example, if you come to Australia to study English do not waste your time with low quality courses. Choose a good academy with the English courses that interest you, even if it costs you some more expensive dollars.

We know many people who have decided on cheap academies and then have repented because they have not learned anything.

3. Save money before coming to Australia

It does not matter if they tell you that work is here in two weeks, yes or yes, because it is not true. There are people who are lucky and the first week has already found a job that helps them stay and there are people who take much longer to find a job.

Australia is an expensive country, to give you an idea in Sydney the rent costs a minimum of about $ 200 per room in a shared flat a week, if a week.

What does this mean? Well, you need some money to live during the first few weeks that you are in Australia before you find a job or you will be very overwhelmed.

4. Advise yourself before coming to Australia

The student agencies exist for a reason and that is to make the jump to Australia without any help and advice gives a little bit of fear.

You have to choose an academy to study, a city to move to, get a student visa … and the whole process you have to follow it to the letter because if the Australian government rejects the student visa, then you have nothing what to do.

We advise you to contact a student agency in Australia, there are many. In these agencies they give you free advice and take you by the hand throughout this process: They help you choose a city, a course, they point you to the academy and they process your visa and medical insurance.

Although you will find many online agencies not all are good and not all advice in good faith to their students, so do not trust those who paint Australia as the Promised Land and tell you that with $1,500 you stay perfectly until you find your first job because it is not true.

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