Ranking of the 10 Best Universities in Canada

Ranking of the 10 Best Universities in Canada

With extensive international experience, Canada is recognized for the prestige of its educational institutions, given that they offer ample opportunities for growth and expansion, mainly due to the quality and specialization of their study programs, designed in a multicultural environment ideal for the integration of immigrants and foreigners.

Unlike other European countries, Canada is characterized by graduating professionals worthy of many Nobel prizes, who have excelled in areas ranging from health, scientific development, technology, performing arts, to the design of important research projects aimed at improving significantly, the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Whether public or private, the success of the education system in Canada lies in the strengths of primary education, because initially, state policies are based on the investment of important resources to optimize the education sector and train new generations, widely prepared to face the challenges of the future.

What types of Universities are there in Canada?

  • Public universities.
  • Private universities.
  • University of Humanities and Liberal Arts.

If you already made the decision to study in Canada, keep these categories in mind, so that you can achieve a high performance in the academic program of your choice. If you still do not know this country very well, it is best to enter a public university, because it will put you in direct contact with other middle class students, with whom you can socialize without major inconvenience and insurance, they will guide you during your stay so that you make sound decisions and do not incur unnecessary expenses.

Public Universities 

This type of universities are characterized because they remain operative with government funds allocated directly to the provinces. As each province is autonomous, the requirements to enter higher education studies are subject exclusively to the regulations of the University of your Choice. A directive chosen by the public administration is in charge of managing these institutions and offering scholarships to encourage the development of research projects. The breadth of its departments allows the creation of new entitlements, especially those related to doctoral studies and PHD.

Best public universities in Canada

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Waterloo
  • Western University
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Ottawa
  • University of Quebec
  • York University

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is in the world ranking of the 30 best universities and next to another house of foreign study, it has the exclusivity of belonging to the Association of American Universities (Association of American Universities – AAU). Popularly known as “U of T”, it is the largest secular university in Canada, founded in 1827, and is headquartered in Toronto, although it has two campuses in Scarborough and Mississauga.

In terms of academic programs, it offers more than 700 undergraduate and 200 graduate under face-to-face and online modalities. His extensive career is projected with the achievement of 10 Nobel Prizes and the development of important scientific projects. His faculties specialize in Applied Science and Engineering, Design and Architecture, Arts, Dentistry, Forestry, Law, Medicine, Music, Pharmacy, Childcare, Administration and Physical Education.

The average cost to start studies at the University of Toronto is around CAD $ 9,577 per accommodation on campus and in relation to enrollment, the cost is around CAD $ 49,090 for the degree and CAD $ 29,290 for the postgraduate program.

University of British Columbia

Also known as “UBC”, it has campuses in Vancouver and Okanagan with an average enrollment of 60,000 students. With prestige in its research and teaching programs, it is in the ranking of the best 40 universities in the world, with extensive libraries and laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

It has professional programs in 11 faculties and 10 schools in the areas of Medicine, Pharmacy, Continuing Education, Business Administration, Community Planning, Public Policies, Marketing, Science, Technology, Engineering, Biotechnology, among others with the option of studying subjects distance.

Accommodation on campus is subject to CAD $ 8,850 and the average enrollment per year corresponds to approximately CAD $ 13,530.

McGill University

Founded in 1821, it is headquartered in Montreal. In his trajectory of graduates, he stands out for the achievement of 12 Nobel prizes in Physiology, Physics, Economics and Chemistry. Also located in the ranking of the best, has a high admission index.

Its academic offer is made up of careers in Administration, Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Pharmacy, among others.

In the province of Quebec, the costs for enrollment correspond to 2,391 CAD (2017), 7,402 CAD (2017), and 29,200 CAD (2017), according to the study program (undergraduate or postgraduate).

Private Universities in Canada

They are characterized because their funds are independent and in most cases come from donations and high fees. They are divided into non-profit institutions -when their board is not sworn in by public authorities, since their primary purpose is not to make a profit- and those that work with profit motives, whose goal is to generate more profits for their shareholders, professors and others personal.

Best private universities in Canada

  • University of Acadia
  • Quest University
  • Ambrose University
  • Burman University
  • Concordia University
  • St Mary’s University
  • The King’s University
  • Universidad Trinity Western
  • Universidad Atlantic Baptist
  • Yorkville University

University of Acadia

Known for leading the list of the most outstanding university institutes in the country, it was founded in 1838 and is located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

It offers undergraduate degrees in Science, Theology, Pedagogy, Art, among other postgraduate studies.  The enrollment and fees for university career rotate in the order of 6,899 CAD (2017) and 8,182 CAD (2017).

Quest University

Founded in 2002, it is a secular non-profit institution located in Squamish Canada.

It offers studies based on Science and Art. The cost per annuity, according to recent records, is 23 thousand 420 dollars.

Ambrose University

It is a Christian higher education institution, founded in 1921, located in Calgary, Alberta. He specializes in Liberal Arts. The academic year is valued at $ 43,503.

Universities of Humanities and Liberal Arts in Canada

Its aim is to disseminate knowledge of general culture and encourage interest in subjects associated with art, in order to enhance the talent and intellect of young people who are not attracted to purely theoretical or practical studies.

Top Humanities and Liberal Arts universities in Canada

  • Trent University
  • OCAD University
  • Emily Carr University
  • University of Victoria
  • Brandon University

Trent University

It is one of the best public higher education centers located near the Otonabee River in Peterborough. It has a satellite field in Oshawa and its academic environment is interactive. Sciences and Liberal Arts. Accommodation on campus is close to CAD $ 9,500 and for enrollment between CAD $ 21,830 and CAD $ 25,000.

OCAD University

Founded in 1876, known as the Ontario School of Art and Design, it is public and is located in Ontario, near the Art Gallery. Art, Design, Sciences and interdisciplinary studies. The average per annual enrollment is between CAD $ 24,590 and CAD $ 17,140.

Emily Carr University

It is a public post-secondary center, focused primarily on Humanities, located on the island of Granville, Vancouver. The study programs are subject to the faculties of Culture and Community, Design, Dynamic Media, Visual Arts and Materials, in addition to postgraduate studies. By accommodation on campus: CAD $6,400 and by right of enrollment: CAD $16,600.

Considering the potentialities of the region, Canada is an excellent destination for foreign students, as evidenced by the fact that its higher education is governed by high quality standards that are based on values ​​and solid ethical bases for having a society that encourages the inclusion of immigrants.

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