Motivation Letter for Scholarship & Employment: Steps to follow to write it

Motivation Letter for scholarship

Prepare a letter of motivation is one of the most common requirements of the calls for scholarships for study, internships and employment.

  • A letter of motivation is one of the most repeated demands by companies and can determine the outcome of a selection process.
  • How should the perfect motivation letter be?
  • A good letter can be more decisive than academic training and professional experience, when choosing a candidate.

Surely, if you are already part of the university community, you will know the importance of letters of motivation to access scholarships, internships or other types of calls.

The first thing that you must be clear about is that this document is different from the CV and that therefore, it has to provide other content. In the same way, it is essential that you adapt the letter to the position to which you apply, avoiding delivering something neutral and without personality.

Data that every cover letter must have

  • Please refer only to issues related to the company and the vacancy that interests you.
  • The letter of motivation should be a reflection of your personality, so that the interviewer can know you a little more after reading your CV.
  • Make sure you have not committed any spelling or grammar before attaching it to the curriculum.
  • The wording should be clear and concise, insisting on maintaining a simple and orderly

What structure should it follow?

The ideal is that the letter is not very long and is structured in three specific parts:

1) Introduction:  It briefly presents your academic and professional career, including, in addition, a note about the reasons why you want to get the job.

2) Development:  It’s time to expand. It offers specific details about the reasons for your interest in the position and the reasons that make you the best candidate.

3) End:  To finish it indicates that you will be happy to expand all the information in a personal interview.

Failures to avoid

Do not forget, the success of your candidacy may depend on how good your motivation letter is. For that, you should not only pay attention to the elements it must contain, but also to those errors that should be avoided:

  • Acronyms and abbreviations can create confusion.
  • Do not slip with narcissism. You must enhance your virtues but without being pedantic.
  • Verbs in passive and conditional leave them for another time.
  • Try not to start the sentences with “me”.

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