How to study at a University in the United Kingdom?

How to study at a University in the United Kingdom

Over the years, studying at a university abroad has become an increasingly real option among young people. In an increasingly globalized world and with a more competitive labor market, an international and quality university education marks in many cases the difference in a professional profile. For this reason, studying at a university in the United Kingdom is, by proximity and by academic level, one of the best training alternatives for European students. Then we tell you a little more about higher education in the UK and how you can access it!

The British education system

If university education in the United Kingdom is characterized by something, it is because of its prestige. It is one of the most valued systems in the world due to the quality of its teaching, its excellent facilities and its international environment. This causes that the students who obtain a title in a university in the United Kingdom face the labor market with a very complete and interesting profile for the majority of the companies.

His method of teaching, eminently practical, favors the personal and creative development of the student. In this way the student acquires the ability to solve real assumptions, related to their sector and the subject of study, instead of memorizing only theoretical information. To all this we must add that to be able to access their university education, a prior exam like Selectividad is not required, it is enough to have good grades in high school and pass the English test determined by each university.

Academic Offer

In the United Kingdom there is a wide variety of careers that allow a very high level of specialization, which clearly differentiates its students. As mentioned in the previous point, access to the university is made directly between the prospective student and the university center in question, which also reinforces the specialization of teaching, which can be structured in different ways:

  • fullthree-year career.
  • Four years of training in different variants ( Sandwich Year, working between the 2nd and 3rd year,  Foundation Year , taking a pre-university year to improve the level of English, or taking a Master after the race).
  • Master: approximately one year postgraduate training program.
  • GAP-YEAR: one year

In addition, within the selected training modality, each university has an extensive program of subjects of all kinds that allow the training to be directed according to the interests of the students. These subjects (like the university programs in general) are of shorter duration, but of much higher quality, so that in a shorter period of time a greater practical knowledge can be acquired.


The cost of studying a career at a university in the UK is around £ 9,000 per year, not counting the cost of living there (residence, maintenance …). Although at first sight it may seem a high cost, the British government grants a series of financial aid and loans to students of the European Union that make it perfectly possible to complete university studies in the United Kingdom. These loans, known as Student Loans, cover up to 100% of the cost of university fees, that is, they can reach the £ 9,000 per year needed to study at a British university.

Your refund conditions are one of the great advantages of applying for a Student Loan loan to study at a university in the United Kingdom. Students do not have to start returning the amount of funding until they finish their studies and start working, as long as the annual salary exceeds £21,000. In addition, the amount to pay monthly varies depending on the level of income, not the amount of money borrowed, so that only 9% of the salary is paid each month. For greater tranquility of the students, the loan expires at 30 years regardless of the amount paid up to that moment; and if at any time they stop working, the monthly repayment would stop until they get another job whose salary exceeds £ 21,000 per year.

The best university education without leaving Europe

Of the almost half a million students who come to the British Isles each year to complete their university education, a third come from somewhere in the European Union. The financial aid of the Government of the United Kingdom has a lot to do, but also, and although it seems an evidence, the geographical proximity and the good connections with cities like London, Manchester or Edinburgh influence remarkably. The best universities in the world, just a couple of hours by plane, does not sound bad, right?

Another important point to take into account is that for the moment Brexit has not affected university education in the United Kingdom. Both university loans and bureaucratic paperwork for European students continue to work in the same way, so … we can continue to benefit from all its facilities and advantages!

As you can see, access to the best universities in the world is not as far as it might seem. Thanks to the Student Loans you can take a leap of formative quality to your profile and get a university degree in the UK, as well as enjoy an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Still, Have Any Questions on Mind?

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