How to Prepare the IELTS Exam Alone

How to Prepare the IELTS Exam Alone

If you have come so far then you need to have IELTS. Do not worry, you are neither the first nor the first, and in this article I will try to give you a helping hand for you to succeed with a good note.

In the following, I explain how to pass the IELTS Exam alone, and without stepping on the feet of any academy or private lessons. Only with the books that you will see after.

I explain why learning English in academy is not effective and how with adequate material one can prepare for different certificates of English.

If you want to know how to prepare for IELTS alone, keep reading!

The IELTS Exam: General Conditions

The IELTS Exam - General Conditions

For newcomers, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam is, as its name suggests, an international English level recognition system. Its main feature is that it evaluates the level of international English, without preference for British or American English.

If you want to study at a university or get a work permit in England, Australia, New Zealand, USA or Canada, surely you will need to introduce yourself to IELTS  and demonstrate that you have a good enough English.

The IELTS exam is organized by the British Council, the University of Cambridge and the Australian Department of Education. On this page, you will be able to see the 8,000 organizations around the world that recognize this certificate.

There are two versions: “Academic” and “General Training”. The first of them is geared to the English Academy and the second to English Professional World. The exam has the same structure, with the only difference is that in the parts of “Writing” and “Reading” they are adapted to each version.

The total duration of the exam is 2 hours and 45 minutes, costs 198€ (the assholes!) And at the same status as other exams, the level certificate has a validity of 2 years.

In the IELTS, there is no test for each level like the Cambridge exams, except that here there is a single exam in which you can get a punctuation from 0 to 9 which corresponds to a level of English different. For example, a punctuation of 5 would correspond to level B2 (First Certificate).

In this article you can see the equivalences between the  IELTS qualification and the different levels of English. Below, I leave you the books that prepare the IELTS alone (and get it with good grades).

Books for Preparing IELTS Alone

In an exam that has a punctuation from 0 to 9, we cannot afford to miss one! A tenth more or a tenth less, depending on what university you want. So do not get stuck and get ready to prepare the IELTS! In my personal experience, I assure you that with these free + constant efforts = good note to IELTS!

Since IELTS is an exam in which practicing and practicing will help you improve your grades, the key is to work these books from A to Z to successfully pass the exam. You will have to gorge yourself on exercises and exam simulations.

If you put yourself with these books every day for one hour, so that you can do several chapters a day, I assure you that in two or three months you will have no problem to succeed successfully. IELTS. The key is to do something every day, there will be where you can only work 15 minutes but at least that’s already it.

It does not matter if you can only get involved a little time a day, the important thing is that you do not skip any day and that this little time you take maximum advantage. We do not talk about quantity, we talk about quality.

Imagine, I put the respective links of each free Amazon where they come back to you very good markets (difference up to 10€) by buying them in bookstores that everyone knows. In addition, from 19€ shipping costs are free, I always buy them like that. Be careful because sometimes Amazon makes offers of three books that people usually buy together, and with which we can save even more money.

Key Books to Prepare for the IELTS Exam:

Basic Books

It is true that the books are not given (the 3 books you need are about 85€ in total), but because they are of very good quality and you have the CDs and DVDs also with to prepare each part of the exam. All the more, we should take into account that every English certificate at his stuff, and we should not only improve our English but also prepare ourselves to face the IELTS successfully.

1. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

This Cambridge book is specially designed to prepare for IELTS and get it with good grades. The truth is that he is a very good freeman, with him I did not only learn English, but I trained hard for the day of the exam. If you make the units of this book, you will very well prepare for the exam.

In addition to coming with the CDs for the different exercises of the book; it includes very useful DVDs to prepare the part of the speaking. It is true that it is a very complete book and it is thanks to him that I managed the IELTS. Without a doubt its worth it See on Amazon

2. Common Mistakes at IELTS And How to Avoid Them

As I have already commented, the IELTS exam is a picky  exam  and it will have your skin . They will not give the title of “bilingual” to everyone and that’s why they are so strict.

This is why it is appropriate to know very well what are the types of errors that students in general, ie people who have not been able to obtain. What’s happened? So the day of the exam you know all the tricks and you will not fall in the panel. Moreover, as he goes through every part of the exam, he serves us as a guide. See on Amazon

3. English Vocabulary in Use – Intermediate

A very complete book with exercises that help us prepare the vocabulary and use of English part of the exam. He talks about learning applied English in real life, although there are words with many meanings, different situations, etc.

They may seem to be picky, that sometimes even the natives do not know it, but having a good vocabulary on the exam serves you so much for the part of the speaking (to speak about any subject without repeating itself) that for that of the writing , and without speaking of the most important that of the use of English of the examination, and that in spite of that in 2015 they removed this part as such, now it appears everywhere. It is a much recommended book. See on Amazon

Highly recommended books

These books I did not include in the top because depending on each, they have their usefulness or not. But go, almost 100% will need it too. In the case where the book takes you back the old exams with the answers, I consider it more essential for the last three weeks before the exam, and in the case of the grammar book, especially as they tell you the errors that everyone does, it serves us review and learning.

If you put yourself a goal and every day you do a chapter or two of each book, your level of English will increase considerably. And best of all, you’ll know how to successfully overcome the IELTS exam, that’s what we’re concerned about.

1. Advanced Grammar in Use

This one is the king of English books. He has been for over three years in the top 5 best-selling books on Amazon. This book is so well known because it explains you with clear examples when to apply the different grammatical forms.

This book contains 100 units, and each unit consists on the one hand of the theory with examples, on the other hand with exercises of this theory. At the end of the book, you have the answers so that you can correct as you go.

That’s why it’s great to get two units a day. For my part, without a doubt, I think it’s one of the best free English I’ve seen, and I have it at home to always consult when I need it. In addition it also serves us to prepare the Advanced. See on Amazon

2. IELTS Trainer Six Practice Tests with Answers

No doubt, this one is a basic book , which allows us to practice mile and once the old exams , so that when we get there, stressed, it will only seem one more.

In addition, this book is very good because each review of past years is corrected with the criteria that reviewers have to correct them. This is very well for us to know what is worth the most points in the writing, what they hope we answer in the speaking, etc. Me, this book I did it one or the other time until I know it by heart. At home I was doing “exam simulations”: I put myself in condition of examination with the time that they leave you. Let’s go! See on Amazon

Prepare the IELTS exam part by part

Now that we have the necessary equipment, we will see how we can boost each part of the exam so that we can guarantee at least one 7/9 in each of them (then we average of the four punctuation’s)

1. a) Reading (60 min)

It has 40 questions grouped into three blocks. Each text has one to two parts, on which as and when questions are asked. The texts are generally true extracts of books, articles of investigation, newspapers or scientific journals.

The kind of questions we will encounter: from a search for information in the text to indicate the opinion of the author.

Therefore, here what do we have to do? Well at first, understand what we read and in a second time highlight what we have read so that we then go to questions.

There is only one way to do this: by reading. So take a look now at this article where you have the best books per level to read in English. Especially since you have an official Cambridge test to know which book you should take

So you already know, take two or three books of your level and go thoroughly with them! In addition they serve us to practice the rest of the parts of the exam (continues to read).

1. b) Listening (30 min)

The Listening part is made up of 4 questions, each of which is based on a separate recording, and which can be interview up to a conversation between different people. Then in the exercises it is the typical multiple-choice answers, complete the proposals, complete tables and short answers in one or two sentences. Nothing new, what?

It should be noted that in IELTS, we can find both American and English accents, so we must take into account. With the reading books I announced earlier, they provide their audio CDs, read while listening , and you will already see how you will gain hearing. After, you can also listen to it alone without reading and give you a summary of the chapter you just listened to.

There’s also a free app called TuneIn to listen to the radio station from any part of the world, so you already know, put the Fox News and then write what you just heard (a summary, an opinion, an article, an email telling him to a friend, etc.) Also, you can do the same things with TED Talks on YouTube (the majority is bomb)

1. c) Speaking (15 min)

This section consists of speaking with an examiner in three different steps. In the first step, we need to talk about a daily topic. The difficulty will be to be able to organize a speech with a very short preparation time, which will be 15 seconds from the time of the knowledge of the theme.

In the second step, he gives us a text to read in 45 seconds. Then the text disappears and we listen to a conversation about the theme of this text. At the end, we have to make a little speech about the topic, using the information of the text and the conversation.

Lastly, in the third stage, we listen to a conversation between two or more people from a university class. Then we have to answer a specific question about what we just heard.

As you can see, for some it’s just books, but for us it’s a source of preparation for the exam, and if we get away from it we could learn a lot faster and with less effort. And it is very quickly noticed when someone reads English.

Here you have a video to get an idea of ​​what it is.

1. d) Writing (60 min)

This part consists of two separate questions, a 150-word essay and a 250-word essay. In the first of 150 words we have to write about information we have been given in any type of format (text, image, etc.)

Concerning the second of 250 words, it gives us a more concise information (a few lines) and then an affirmation on the same. In writing we must argue and explain whether we agree or disagree with the statement, briefly outlining the various arguments.

With reading books, each chapter you will read summarizes and exposes them in a clear and orderly way, what happens in the story. So you can take a magazine, read a short story and write an opinion piece. The goal is to no longer be afraid to write. Everything has to go out without thinking about it. And that you will obtain it only on the basis of practice!

Qualifications and Levels of IELTS

Unlike English certificates of Cambridge, the IELTS does not approve nor suspend, you do the examination and the note that you obtain certifies that you have this or that level. Each of the four parts is scored from 0 to 9, and then they average the four.

Here you will be able to see which level of English accredits each IELTS qualification, and in this article you can see the equivalences with the international level of the diapers and other certificates.

Qualifications and Levels of IELTS

Register for the IELTS exam

Everyone asks me: How long do I put to prepare for IELTS?  If I start today to prepare it can I introduce myself in three months? My answer is that each case will depend, especially depending on the level you have.

But almost everyone takes about one to two months to prepare for the exam with the books I recommend.

Finally, the IELTS exam costs 215€ in France while only 120 € (because of the exchange rate) in England, so if you have the opportunity to do it there, it’s much better!
The results are coming 13 days later, and to register at IELTS you only have to look for your nearest center, find a date that you like and that’s it!
A few weeks after the online result is displayed, you will receive your precious certificate.

Register for the IELTS exam

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