Basic Guide to Finding a Job in the United Kingdom

Finding a Job in the UK

More and more people are deciding to look for work in the United Kingdom. There are many cities that one can go to in search of work in the United Kingdom, because the labor market is quite active.

You should not have big problems when it comes to finding a job in the UK, but that does depend on your level of English and training.

In this post we present a basic guide so that finding a job in the United Kingdom is not a difficult task for you.

Basic Guide to Search for Work in the United Kingdom

That the chances of finding a job in the UK are high does not mean its super simple to find it. As everywhere, it requires previous work: curriculum’s and interviews.

From experience, both our own and those of others, it is best to deliver our CV in most of the places we can and, almost certainly, we will receive a call. We have to make an effort to work in the United Kingdom.

The main thing is the planning for this search, you have to make an effort, no matter how you apply to work in the United Kingdom.

  1. The easiest and fastest way is to apply for work in the United Kingdom online. The best thing is that you make a list of the companies that you want to apply and put yourself in the mess to be able to spend as much time as possible.
  2. If, on the contrary, you decide to kick the city and deliver the CVs in hand, planning is even more necessary. In this case you should divide the time depending on the areas you want to visit. Also, it is quite likely that you will be asked some questions like your experience or what job you are looking for.

Top cities to find work in the United Kingdom

As in all countries, finding work in the UK will be easier in some cities than in others. The main city is still London, due to its population and also the number of tourists it receives each year.

In order of greater population, the cities in which you can try your luck are BirminghamLeedsGlasgowSheffieldManchester, Bradford, LiverpoolEdinburghBristol  and Cardiff.

The cities with the lowest unemployment are Cambridge, Bristol, Southampton, Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Oxford, Reading, Leeds, London and Manchester.

As you can see, most cities are in England, but you can also find work with some ease in the capitals and larger cities of both Scotland and Wales.

Advantages of Having Work in the United Kingdom

Something very positive about the labor market in the UK is that it moves a lot, so the chances of finding work in the UK increase. It is the main advantage of wanting to work in the United Kingdom.

Although you can look for work in many cities, we have already told you that finding a job in London is a little easier. This is because many people decide to make London their residence but many others decide to leave. There are always work places available.

This, at the same time, can be considered a disadvantage, since the way in which work is sought can become more aggressiveYou have to put a lot of desire because they can get ahead and keep the position you wanted.

An important advantage at present is the salary. When compared to Spain it is higher, so you can charge more than in our country for the same work in the UK.

Of course, this is linked to taxes, which will always depend on the standard of living in the city that you have decided to look for in the United Kingdom.

8 Things to Do Before Looking for Work in the United Kingdom

There are a number of things you have to consider before coming to look for work in the United Kingdom.

1. Get up

To come and look for work in the United Kingdom (and anywhere else), you have to be brave. Start to do everything just you have decided to always go forward.

2. English

Even if you do not need English for 100% of the jobs, you will need to have a base to do your daily life. But remember, the better your level is, the easier it will be to find work and also better.

It is best to start learning English on your own in order to move forward as much as possible. Reading in English also helps a lot.

3. English mobile number

This is one of the most important steps. In your CV you will have to put a British mobile phone, since they will not call you if you have a foreign number. A good company is Giffgaff.

In addition, with the English telephone we can have the NIN, essential to have a job in the United Kingdom.

4. Curriculum and Cover Letter

You should already know that to get a job in the United Kingdom you must sell yourself, and for this there is both the curriculum vitae and the cover letter, something that is very important in the United Kingdom.

When you are preparing this you can also think that, when you send it, if you accept it, you will have to go through a job interview in English.

It’s good that you start preparing with time. If you are afraid to do it and you do not know how you can prepare it to overcome it, you can take the course to pass the job interview in English that JustGo proposes.

6. European Health Card

The  TSE  is a card that is obtained in Spain and that allows you to have basic medical assistance in European countries. It is very easy to get.

7. Passport

Even if you do not need to enter the United Kingdom, if you have to perform bureaucratic procedures once you are in the country, you will need it. Learn all about the DNI and the Passport  in the United Kingdom.

8. Request an appointment for the NIN 2 weeks before

The NIN is our social security number, and it is necessary to work. The ideal is to get it by phone and about two weeks before, but now they have changed the number and it can be more difficult.

Ways to Get a Job in the United Kingdom

In the UK you can find different ways to get a job, so take a look at all and use all you can.

a) Go door to door with CVs

It is the most traditional and, sometimes, the most effective way. Delivering résumés on hand can be quite expensive, but it may be worth it.

Of course, when giving it in hand keep in mind that they are going to have a first impression of you, so try to cause a good one.

It would also be good to prepare some questions such as how long you stay in the country, what experience you have … Try to answer with all the security of the world, that always attracts more.

As I said before, classify the areas to make the most of your time and, remember, put on comfortable shoes to tour the city.

b) Job Centers and British Employment Service

The Job Centers  in the United Kingdom would be the  INEM offices in Spain . It is the best way to help you find a job in the United Kingdom. In case you do not have your NIN they will also help you request it.

You will have to find what Job Center you have nearby and on public touch computers you can access all the job offers. The good news is that you can filter them by sector, keyword, location or type of contract.

Here there are all kinds of work options, so you’ll have to know what you’re interested in to classify and filter them as best you can.

When you find something that interests you, you can contact the company and get the interview.

If you prefer to do everything without going, the British employment service has an online platform called Universal Jobmatch.

c) Online Platforms

Nowadays it is quite common, since there are a lot of web pages in which to look for work in the United Kingdom.

It’s easy because you can put filters in the sector and the locality, and they update quite frequently. Gumtree-Jobs is the page par excellence in the United Kingdom.

Other online platforms:

Avoid false job offers in the UK

In these online pages you can find many false job offers. You have to be very careful not to get into them while trying to work in the UK.

One of the ways to detect that an offer is false is to see if they ask you to call payment numbers (803, 806, 807, 905 …) or send SMS and then ask for your data by message.

Also if they ask you to pay something in advance. This is what makes it more obvious that an offer is false. Never give money to anyone. Not even if it’s to work from home.

d) Businesses in the United Kingdom

They are temporary employment agencies. The big companies subcontract them to find employees. You just have to sign up for free, so it’s best to write down as many as you can to increase your chances.

There are many, from generals to specific ones. Reed  is the most famous. And these are the  most important agencies by sectors.

e) LinkedIn

This is our last option, another one online. LinkedIn  is the portal that connects companies with people who are looking for work in the United Kingdom .

You will have to make your CV online and get in touch with each other. They can speak directly to you and you can apply to their job offers.

Still, Have Any Questions on Mind?

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