5 Websites to find Scholarships to Study in the United Kingdom

find Scholarships to Study in the United Kingdom

If you are interested in living for a season in England or any other UK destination, here are five options to find the best scholarships to study in the UK.

If you are here, it is because you have probably thought, on occasion, the possibility of working or studying in Uk, working as an Au Pair  or simply traveling to the UK to practice English in one of its many academies spread throughout the country. You may even be reading us from British lands.

Well, there are more possibilities to visit a British country and spend some time flooding with its culture, its people and its language, English. The possibility we are talking about is to make a Scholarship in the United Kingdom.

There are many types of scholarships, all of them very varied and aimed at a very diverse public. The requirements to apply for one of these scholarships to study in Great Britain will vary depending on the program to be selected.

What are the scholarships to study in the United Kingdom?

As we have already mentioned, there are many types of scholarships to study in the United Kingdom. Normally, the majority knows the Erasmus Scholarships, the Faro Global scholarships, or the ARGO scholarships, among others … These may be the most recurrent, but there are many other scholarships to study in England or the United Kingdom offered by the schools and institutions of the country.

Therefore, we have made a selection of several official websites of United Kingdom where they often release information about new scholarships to study in this destination.

Undoubtedly, the possibility of obtaining a scholarship in the British country, would be a great contribution to your curriculum  as it provides skills and abilities both in the specific framework of the scholarship and in the learning or improvement of the language, not to mention the wealth that can transmit us living outside of our country interacting with another culture.

5 Websites where you can find scholarships to study in the United Kingdom

In the below we show the list with the five web portals where you can find scholarships to study in United Kingdom:

1. Education UK

Official website of the British Council for international students who are interested in an education in the United Kingdom. It has a search engine where you can filter your search by areas (law, architecture, education, music …). In each scholarship that you will find, you will see a box in which you indicate which nationalities are accepted to benefit from the scholarship.


It is a national consultative body of the United Kingdom that serves the interests of foreign students and those who work with them. On its website you can find information about life, study or work in the United Kingdom. You can also request help for this.

3. Postgraduate Studentships  

Web of United Kingdom dedicated specifically to gather all the different types of opportunities of financing open to postgraduates, so much to level of investigation and as teaching. It offers a list in which you can see the universities with the offer of master and doctorate and the scholarships offered by each one.

4. Gov.uk  

Here you will find scholarships to study in the United Kingdom awarded by the country’s government.

5. British Council 

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. It collects a series of pages where you can find scholarships at universities and other institutions to study.

Through these web portals you will find all the information about Scholarships to study in the United Kingdom, if you want to live a season in this destination, do not miss this opportunity.

One tip is to visit often the different web portals we have mentioned to be aware of all the new calls that are appearing.

Still, Have Any Questions on Mind?

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