Data scientist: the profession that comes to change everything

Data scientist

The volume of information in the form of data is multiplied every second in the world. In the field of research and in different business sectors, this constant increase represents a revolution of such caliber that it is considered that only those organizations that are capable of managing it will survive in the short term.

According to the 2017 Employment IT report by Deloitte, the profession of data scientist will be one of the most demanded in the world of work in 2020. Something that is not surprising in an environment of digital transformation and when it is proven that Data Science dominates the listings of the most required skills by companies.

In which sectors does a data scientist work?

A data scientist can find accommodation in numerous and diverse sectors within the knowledge society and Big Data. However, some in particular are taking the lead in leveraging data as a development tool. This is the case of logistics, banking and other financial services, telecommunications, the health sector, insurance or retail. Despite what is usually thought, data analysis is not a management that should be attributed only to large companies linked to technology, but can benefit all those in which sales and marketing play a key role , which in practice means almost all.

At present there is a gap between the demand for specialists in the analysis and treatment of data, which is large and increasing, and the supply of such specialized professionals, which is significantly lower. On the other side of the coin, this has two consequences; On the one hand, data scientists can expect high salary benefits and, on the other, the opportunity to develop a long professional career in which to progress progressively is presented.

What degrees to study to become a data scientist and Big Data expert?

Both the study and the application of the knowledge acquired by a data expert need intense specialization, so many university centers are currently starting to develop their own training offer in this sector, which adapts to the changing needs of the professional field. However, nowadays you can study with the intention of working as a data scientist.

The Degree in Mathematics is included in the last years in each list of the 20 careers with greater future work. It is no coincidence that mathematicians and statisticians are the professionals who are developing the formulas, algorithms and optimal development models that are used for the most disruptive technologies in the world. Other studies related to the world of Big Data are Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or Computer Science.

What do companies expect from these specialists? 

Professionals in this area have mathematical, statistical and computer programming skills, but also stand out for being methodical and for their analytical skills. All of this is compatible with advanced communication skills, since one of its functions is precisely to make all the information they work with more understandable, differentiating trends and establishing causalities or correlations between the data collected. Knowing how to transmit the possible solutions precisely and clearly through the appropriate platforms is therefore also essential for your work.

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