Cost of Studying in the UK for International Students

Cost of Studying in UK

The budget to go to this country is probably one of the main concerns. Therefore, We give you the following tips that will help you get an idea of ​​how much money you will need.

The United Kingdom is one of the most sought after destinations in the world by international students to carry out their undergraduate and graduate studies. The quality of its educational institutions is globally recognized, added to its extensive cultural and historical wealth, which makes it one of the best options to study.

The first thing will be to think carefully about the costs and how you will finance your studies. You should bear in mind that in the United Kingdom, the duration of courses in higher education is generally shorter than in other countries.

Most full-time undergraduate courses take three years to complete, while full-time graduate courses take an average of one year. This, without a doubt, represents an aid for the costs of registration and maintenance.


In the case of Colombia, for not belonging to the European Union, tuition fees range from 3,500 pounds ($4500) to 36,500 pounds ($47000) per year, approximately.

This last price is that of the medical program at the University of Cambridge, one of the most expensive. However, the prices will vary according to the course and the institution. The enrollment of most university centers is 9,000 pounds ($12000) per year.

An excellent education option is Scotland. Education there is free, which makes this country a very attractive destination for foreign students.


Varies according to the area where you live. The closer you are to your institution, the cheaper it will go. In urban transport, there are discounts for students of up to 30% of the fees of the Oyster Card (card for transport system). For example, the weekly subscription for Bus and Tube (subway) within London, instead of 32 pounds, will cost you 22 pounds.


In the case of London, one of the most expensive cities in the world, the price of rentals will range between 800 and 1500 pounds per month approximately. The best option is to share a flat to lower costs.

In other places, like Leeds, a university city par excellence, the costs go down ostensibly. The rents will go from 400 to 600 pounds approximately.

Cost of living

• Lunch menu (main course + drink): £5
• Dinner for 2 people in standard restaurant with bottle of wine: £35
• 2 liters of milk: £1
• Ticket only tube (tube) in London: £4.00
• Movie ticket (London): £12
• Pack 4 500ml beers (markets): £4


If you need a visa to study in the UK, you will have to consider this cost as well. To apply for a visa, you may have to provide proof that you can afford to cover your school fees and living costs while in the United Kingdom.

When budgeting, it is best to compare tuition costs, look at what is included – and what is not included – in each installment. For example, some institutions may charge more for books, study materials, exams, etc.

You can find out what the course price covers on the web of each institution. When preparing the budget, think about additional costs for:

• Tickets
• Accommodation
• Food
• Day to day cost of living
• Travel and tourism in the UK
• Health and travel insurance.

A very useful tool to calculate approximate costs for students in the United Kingdom is the following:

Remember that having a student visa, you can also work legally a maximum of 20 hours per week. Salaries will not be very high, but insurance will help you afford many daily living expenses.

Scholarships and financial supports

There are several scholarship programs that different institutions offer to finance the studies of foreign students in the United Kingdom.

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