The 10 Best Universities in the United Kingdom

best universities in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the major international references in terms of university education. Year after year, its universities are ranked in the rankings of the best in the world thanks to its educational system, its formidable facilities and the level of its teaching teams.

Each course, British centers open their doors to international students who seek to make that leap in quality in their profile that differentiates them when entering the labor market.

For that reason, if you plan to study at a university in the United Kingdom, do not miss reading this post with the 10 best universities in the British Isles.

10 Best Universities in the United Kingdom

1. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

Founded: 1209
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
UK Ranking: 1
World Ranking: 4
Student Satisfaction: 85.5 (Out of 100)
Minimum IELTS: ≥ 6.5
Living costs per year: £12000
Average Tuition fees: £21750 (Undergraduate) & £23187 (Postgraduate)


  • Cambridge international scholarship scheme (CISS) (graduate)
  • Blyth Cambridge Trust Scholarship for applicants from Canada
  • Prince Philip Scholarships for applicants from Hong Kong
  • Central University funds & scholarships

The University of Cambridge is, along with that of Oxford, probably the most prestigious educational center in England. A large number of Nobel prizes have come out of its classrooms, as well as important figures in world politics, scientists and sportsmen of renown.

At an educational level, it stands out in the areas of health sciences, engineering, physics and politics. It is also known for the centuries-old rivalry between its rowing team and that of Oxford, which year after year compete for a race on the River Thames televised around the world.

Among its most illustrious students stand out the likes of Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Alan Turing, Erasmus of Rotterdam or Thomas Maltus.

2. University of Oxford

University of Oxford

Founded: 1096
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
UK Ranking: 2
World Ranking: 2
Student Satisfaction: 86.5 (Out of 100)
Minimum IELTS: ≥ 6.5
Living costs per year: £11500
Average Tuition fees: £21770 (Undergraduate) & £19888 (Postgraduate)


  • Eldred-Waverley Scholarship at Linacre College
  • Oppenheimer Fund Scholarships
  • China Oxford Scholarship Fund
  • China Scholarship Council-University of Oxford Scholarships
  • Felix Scholarships
  • Frost Scholarship Programme (Israel)
  • Oxford Kobe Scholarships
  • Oxford Graduate Scholarships
  • Saïd Foundation Oxford

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, Oxford does not need a presentation. It is the oldest English-speaking university in the world (almost a thousand years of history!), and this is demonstrated by its medieval buildings and colleges.Despite its centuries-old traditions, Oxford is today an internationally prestigious university, with first-class infrastructure and facilities.

Its condition makes it one of the great ones desired by students from all over the world, which is why its admission process is difficult and expensive, however those who manage to overcome it can say that they study at the same university as Albert Einstein, Oscar Wilde, Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking, Lawrence of Arabia or JRR Tolkien among others.

3. University of St. Andrews

University of St Andrews

Founded: 1413
Location: Scotland
UK Ranking: 3
World Ranking: 86
Student Satisfaction: 91 (Out of 100)
Minimum IELTS: ≥ 6.5
Living costs per year: £12000
Average Tuition fees: £17040 (Undergraduate) & £15440 (Postgraduate)


  • Accommodation Award
  • Brazil Science without Borders programme
  • International Undergraduate Scholarship
  • The Kinnessburn Scholarship
  • BA International Honours Scholarship
  • Marina and Davide Sala Scholarship
  • Music Scholarships

This institution from the north of the United Kingdom is responsible for bringing the Scottish touch to the ranking. Founded in the 15th century, it is located in a small coastal town of the same name 100 kilometers north of Edinburgh.

Famous worldwide for its training in International Relations and Engineering, St. Andrews is divided into four faculties: Arts, Theology, Medicine and Science. With a large number of international students (almost half of the students), it has numerous agreements with universities in the United States and Canada, which allows third-year students to study there for a year.

Among the renowned students who have studied at St. Andrews, include Prince William of England, Kate Middleton, Alex Salmond, Jonathan Taylor Thomas o John Knox.

4. Imperial College London

Imperial College London

Founded: 1907
Location: London, United Kingdom
UK Ranking: 4
World Ranking: 8
Student Satisfaction: 83.2 (Out of 100)
Minimum IELTS: ≥ 6.5
Living costs per year: £10700
Average Tuition fees: £23500 (Undergraduate) & £29900 (Postgraduate)


  • Inlaks Foundation Scholarship
  • Petroleum Technology Development Fund Nigeria
  • Fulbright-Imperial College London Award
  • Shell Petroleum Development Company Niger Delta PG Scholarships
  • BG Tanzania International Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme for Geoscience and Engineering

The first university in London ranking is the Imperial CollegeFounded in 1907, it is located in the Kensington neighborhood, next to many of the main cultural and tourist attractions of the city (Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall, Victoria and Albert Museum …), and welcomes about 15,000 students a year.

After undergoing several restructurings and establishing itself as an independent center of the University of London, at the beginning of the 2000 its four current faculties were created: Engineering, Medicine, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences.

Among its most prominent students are the scientist Alexander Fleming , the writer HG Wells , the biologist Thomas Huxley , the politician Rajiv Gandhi or the musician Brian May , guitarist of the band Queen.

5. Loughborough University

Loughborough University

Founded: 1909
Location: Loughborough, England
UK Ranking: 7
World Ranking: NA
Student Satisfaction: 85.1 (Out of 100)
Minimum IELTS: 5.5-6.0
Living costs per year: £12180 (In London: £15180)
Average Tuition fees: £16400 (Undergraduate) & £16400 (Postgraduate)


  • All Academic Schools/departments (except Sport and Design School) offer 25% scholarship for international students who achieve a first class degree or overseas equivalent.

If there is a university in the United Kingdom made for athletes that is undoubtedly Loughborough University. This institution located in the county of Leicester hosts 2,900 international students of the nearly 20,000 that it has.

Its sports specialization is immediately visible on its campus, since it has an athletics center, a stadium, sports centers, outdoor fields, indoor pool of 50 meters, tennis courts, squash and badminton and several gyms.

Several athletes from different disciplines have passed through its facilities, such as athletes Sebastian CoePaula RadcliffeGerald DAvies or Daniel Bennett,  as well as artists such as Diane Farr or engineers like Derek Abbott.

6. Lancaster University

Lancaster University

Founded: 1964
Location: Lancaster, England
UK Ranking: 6
World Ranking: 130
Student Satisfaction: 87.8 (Out of 100)
Minimum IELTS: 5.5-6.0
Living costs per year: £8500
Average Tuition fees: £14940 (Undergraduate) & £14200 (Postgraduate)


  • Academic Scholarship
  • Access Scholarship
  • Excellence Scholarship
  • Bursaries for life, living and learning

Lancaster University stands out for taking more than three decades to train artists from various disciplines : literature, interpretation, show business.

In addition, another of the center’s strengths are its residences, having won the last six editions of the National Housing Student Survey, which qualifies the accommodation in the universities.

Its campus is in the northwest of England, near the cities of Manchester and Liverpool, which makes it the most important teaching institution in the region. Actors such as Andy SerkisJames May or  Ralph Ineson studied in Lancaster; as well as prominent members of international politics such as Alan Milburn , Audrey Azoulay or Johari abdul.

7. Durham University

Durham University

Founded: 1832
Location: Durham, England
UK Ranking: 5
World Ranking: 70
Student Satisfaction: 86.4 (Out of 100)
Minimum IELTS: 5.5-6.0
Living costs per year: £10000
Average Tuition fees: £14900 (Undergraduate) & £18000 (Postgraduate)


  • Chevening Scholarship
  • Marshall Scholarships (for citizens of the United States of America)
  • Postgraduate Taught Scholarship Scheme
  • College & Departmental Prizes

After talking about the reference university in the northwest, now we take care of the northeast area of ​​the country. Durham University, halfway between Newcastle and Middlesbrough, is the third oldest university in the country (1832) after Oxford and Cambridge and welcomes 17,000 students each year, of which 18% are international students.

It stands out for its careers and postgraduate courses in psychologyinformation technology and literature. Another attraction of the university is its surroundings, since it is located in a world heritage city, with a large cathedral and a castle of the eleventh century.

8. University College London

University College London

Founded: 1826
Location: London, United Kingdom
UK Ranking: 7
World Ranking: 14
Student Satisfaction: 81.9 (Out of 100)
Minimum IELTS: ≥ 6.5
Living costs per year: £11500
Average Tuition fees: £15660 (Undergraduate) & £17250 (Postgraduate)


  • UCL Alumni and Friends Funds
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme
  • Santander Master’s Scholarship
  • The GREAT/UCL Scholarships – India
  • Fulbright-UCL Award – USA
  • SPDC Niger Delta Scholarships
  • PTDF-UCL Nigeria Scholarships – Nigeria
  • FIDERH Scholarship – Mexico
  • GUATEFUTURO Scholarship

University College London is probably the best known and most famous university in London. Within its particularities is that of being a secular university since its foundation, this supposed to be the first center in admitting students of every race, class, religion and gender.

It is the largest center of higher education in the British capital and although in 2002 there were rumors of absorption by Imperial College, the student union and a series of campaigns and protests against managed to remain as an independent university.

Among its most prominent representatives are the engineer Alexander Graham Bell, the Indian activist and politician Mahatma Gandhi, the film director Christopher Nolan or the members of the music group Coldplay.

9. London School of Economics

London School of Economics

Founded: 1895
Location: London, England
UK Ranking: 11
World Ranking: 23
Student Satisfaction: 65.7 (Out of 100)
Minimum IELTS: ≥ 6.5
Living costs per year: £12000
Average Tuition fees: £17040 (Undergraduate) & £24500 (Postgraduate)


  • Postgraduate Scholarships
  • The Beacon Scholarship
  • LSE Mauritius Scholarship
  • Singapore LSE Trust Scholarship

In the ninth place this college belongs to the University of London, considered a center of political and economic debate of global importance. His specialty is the social sciences, which is considered one of the best universities in the world and receives more international students than any other in the United Kingdom, almost 70% of students.

Beyond his training in economics and politics, he also has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in mathematics, statistics, communication, geography … Some of the leading politicians and economists of the 20th and 21st centuries have left his classrooms, such as John F. KennedyJuan Manuel Santos , Pierre Trudeau or Romano Prodi.

10. University of Warwick

University of Warwick

Founded: 1965
Location: Coventry, England
UK Ranking: 9
World Ranking: 80
Student Satisfaction: 79.4 (Out of 100)
Minimum IELTS: 5.5-6.0
Living costs per year: £9580
Average Tuition fees: £15820 (Undergraduate) & £24500 (Postgraduate)


  • Warwick Chevening Scholarship
  • Chancellor’s International Scholarship
  • Friends of Warwick Singapore Scholarship
  • Li Xiaoming Scholarship
  • Banco de Mexico FIDERH
  • Colfuturo

The top 10 closes the University of Warwick, to the outside of the city of Coventry. This institution stands out for its departments and research projects, being one of the temples entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom.

It is particularly known for its Business School, with a high quality education in the plots of administration and business management. It is divided into four faculties, Art, Sciences, Social Sciences and Medicine, and is one of the universities with the greatest projection in the world.

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