7 Best Platforms for MOOCs: Free Online Courses

7 Best Platforms for MOOCs

Discover the best platforms for MOOC’s, Massive Open Online Courses.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) , “education is a fundamental human right, essential to be able to exercise all other rights.” However, educational opportunities are not the same for everyone, and millions of people around the world (children and adults) still do not receive an adequate education.

When we travel to developed countries we see how the illiteracy rate is lower than in previous decades, although it is still possible to detect a wide educational gap between the different social classes. Special mention deserves the university life, since the reduction of the scholarships and the high rates are causing that many young people must abandon their dreams of precipitate form, mainly when we speak of the masters.

Thanks to the MOOC’s, the Massive Open Online Courses, now everyone can study for free, without schedules, without clauses and without obstacles. Of course, some of them may ask for a payment to be entitled to tutorials and official certificates (usually at the end of the course they issue a title without legal validity at no cost).

Below we show you the 7 platforms on which you can find the best Free Online Courses of the network. Because knowledge has no place, keep training to become a better version of yourself:

1. Coursera

About 16 million people already study free online courses on this platform, which has more than 130 institutions from all over the world. Although most of them are courses of North American universities, in recent years a wide variety of studies have been introduced from many other countries and in different languages.

2. edX

This platform was founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012 with the intention of enriching the profile of university students. Here you will find some of the best courses, offered by the best institutions and taught by the best teachers.

3. Khan Academy

This website has been created by Salman Khan, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University with the aim of promoting universal education. Its recipients are primary and secondary children and adolescents who need extra help to finish the course or shine in a certain subject. The platform has more than 4,000 videos that have been translated into 36 different languages.

4. Stanford Online

This University offers on its free platform some programs very similar to their face-to-face studies. Do you want to deepen even more in a medical, technological or educational field? Some of its courses are fully open, so you can do them at your own pace throughout the year.

5. Tutellus

This community, located in Madrid, offers free courses in more than 160 countries. The community is already made up of more than 3 million users, and in addition to the free MOOCs, in Titullus you will also find paid studios.

6. Udacity

This page, born in the middle of Stanford University, aims to provide an accessible, affordable education of the highest quality. It is specialized in the most technical professions, allowing to develop Web Developers, Data Analysts, Mobile Developers, etc. Search among your Nano-degree certificates to find the best programming.

7. Udemy

Today this platform already offers more than 40,000 online courses, which allow thousands of students to master new skills and achieve their work objectives. On this page you can find free and paid studies. Do you have an idea and a schedule? Well, contact them, teach your own course and earn extra money.

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