4 Best Mobile Apps to learn Languages

4 Best Mobile Apps to learn Languages

Technology can be your best ally to learn languages ​​and work daily in that goal.

  • Whether it’s studying, working or consulting resources, managing more than one language will help you achieve better professional development.
  • These applications to learn languages ​​can facilitate the task and allow you to take advantage of any time for your daily practice.
  • English remains the dominant language in the digital age and in the labor market.

If you are one of those who do not go anywhere without your smartphone with you and applications are your favorite tools for any type of management and consult information, why not use it also learn languages ​​and as a support tool for your training?

You already know that to learn languages and master them with mastery, everything is a matter of constancy and of a practice that allows you to move forward, mastering new vocabulary and understanding grammatical norms.

For this, the apps to learn languages ​​can be very useful for these tasks and you can  take advantage of any time of the day to, at least, devote half an hour to the review, consult doubts or learn new words.

Applications to learn languages

1. Google Translate

The most complete and comfortable pocket dictionary . In addition, with its various features, such as conversation mode or pronunciation, you can practice your level of understanding easily.

Sometimes, in relation to the translation of phrases does not usually give the most convenient option, so it is good that you contrasts the information with other websites, such as Linguee.

Download Google Translate from PlayStore.

2. Babbel

It is an app to learn languages ​​based on short lessons of about 15 minutes, so you can take any time for your daily study.

It is one of the applications that has gained more popularity and efficiency , because one of its objectives is that you retain well what you have learned, that is why your checking and review exercises.

Download Babbel from PlayStore.

3. Duolingo

It is the most recommended and entertaining apps for students, with the mini-game options to learn languages.

In addition, it also offers the ability to learn a great diversity of languages, from Japanese to Hebrew, Turkish or Italian.

Download Duolingo from PlayStore.

4. Memrise

It is an example of how to use gamification to learn and facilitate study for those that cost more.

Along with the games, it includes a chatbots service to practice the content of the lessons studied.

The immediacy of some of these apps in their translation services can also help you answer questions when you are watching a subtitled series, listening to a song or reading.

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