The 10 best MBA Programs in the World

best MBA programs in the world

Are you already thinking about your next step?

QS Global MBA Rankings published its list of the best programs in the world to do an MBA. For this, 251 universities were evaluated taking into account criteria such as ease of getting a job, performance, return on investment, diversity and academic reputation, among others.

These are the 10 best MBA programs in the world, according to the Global MBA Rankings 2019. You can check the full ranking here.

1. Stanford, California

The University of Stanford, located in California and in the heart of Silicon Valley, is one of the most prestigious and selective in the United States. To give you an idea, the acceptance rate is 7.1%, imagine! His MBA is distinguished by the various programs offered throughout the two years of mastery. These include an MBA from international studies, public policy, computer science and electrical engineering.

2. Harvard, Boston

Harvard, the university par excellence, has a program designed to make its students leaders worldwide. His program stands out for its networking, because it is innovative and because it has hours of practice in which students make decisions in the face of political and data complications. 91% of students get a job within 3 months after graduation and earn a salary of approximately $177,541.

3. Penn (Wharton), Philadelphia

The Wharton University has more than 19 majors to choose from and offers several master’s programs as an MBA in architecture, veterinary medicine, social work, electrical engineering, dental medicine and public policy. And that’s not all, it’s considered one of the universities with the most diversity among its students: 44% are women, 33% come from more than 65 countries in the world, and 33% have a multi-ethnic past.

4. London Business School, London

London Business School seeks to generate impact, networking and extensive and professional knowledge in the field of business. With more than 130 international leaders and experts, students have access to more than 75% of the best business companies in London.

5. MIT, Cambridge

The Massachusetts University of Technology specializes in innovation, finance, and entrepreneurship programs. In addition to the fact that most of its students are women, there is also a high percentage of people from all over the world. MIT focuses on the relationship of networking and working with multinational organizations.

6. INSEAD, Fontainebleau, Singapore

This university, located in Europe and Asia, has a program that lasts 10 months (which makes it more economical). INSEAD seeks to develop professional, successful leaders who can create fundamental values ​​in the business world and in communities around the world. No other university offers the experience of living among such cultural diversity.

7. HEC Paris, France

17 kilometers from the center of Paris, is the HEC University with its own castle, which could not miss. This university is characterized by having an MBA program with the best high-tech business research, startups and more. Curious fact? The majority of its students become CEOs in Europe.

8. Chicago Booth, Illinois

The University of Chicago, located in the state of Illinois, questions the very thinking of its students. With a new perspective and a path towards a different way of thinking, it seeks that its students develop skills by means of evaluations and analysis of problems of the business world.

9. IE Business School, Madrid

In addition to having the fascinating Spanish capital as a campus, the IE Business School MBA has made a name for the diversity of its students, the possibility of personalizing the program and its approach to entrepreneurship. In IE, networking becomes a habit, something that is much more interesting when there are more than 44 nationalities within the same class. In addition, in the full year of the master’s degree, the program allows new ideas to be developed and focused on the individual career of each student.

10. Columbia, New York

One of the best universities in the United States is located in New York. The Columbia Business School has an MBA program that prepares students to be leaders and can create their own companies based on deep research and decisions in the business world. This includes an MBA in law, engineering, science, public health, nursing, journalism, and international relations. This experience guarantees the interaction and integration of students from all over the world.


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