9 YouTube Channels to learn English Language

Learn English with YouTube

Do you want to learn English but do not have time or money to train? Did you know that you can learn English on YouTube? Now you can try it with these 9 channels.

  • Thanks to the internet you have the opportunity to study English at home.
  • The multimedia resources are useful to practice the language more completely.
  • Handling different languages ​​can be very positive for your curriculum.

If you have ever thought that YouTube is nothing more than a collection of videos of tricks, kittens and experiments you are very wrong. There is another YouTube beyond, one that offers many educational resources that you can use. And we do not talk about amateur channels, but some of them carried by professionals and that offer the opportunity to train for free.

The English is usually one of the main protagonists of these channels, as we all know, today is almost essential to have training in this language. YouTube has become a perfect tool for those who want to learn English or improve their knowledge. Although it is useful to learn all aspects of English, it stands out above all for allowing access to resources to improve pronunciation, which sometimes costs so much to achieve.

If you have decided to improve your English this year … why not try some of these resources? If you search on YouTube you can find hundreds of channels, but we will save that search and recommend 9 with which you can start as soon as possible.

1. Speak English with Misterduncan

This channel already has more than 620,000 subscribers and is one of the most popular for learning English. With a very entertaining didactic and using a sense of humor, Misterduncan can help you learn and improve your English. He started with his channel in 2006 and since then offers videos of very interesting and current topics with which to learn, in addition, vocabulary of specific areas, such as business.

2. Real English

If you are starting with the language this is your channel. Its content is essentially for beginners and has a large archive of free lessons. Each lesson consists of 2 subtitled videos and one without subtitles in which you will find different exercises. In addition, these videos reflect real situations with real people, so you can learn the most correct way to pronounce.

3. BBC Learn English

With more than 1,000,000 subscribers, the famous BBC offers free resources to learn English. English lessons in video that reflect all kinds of everyday situations, interviews … and even have animation videos with which you can learn a large amount of vocabulary and improve pronunciation. In addition, the channel has a video section dedicated exclusively to learning words that are often used in newscasts.

5. British Council: Learn English

The British Council’s Learn English platform is the perfect resource to learn English completely. Not only can you access videos with which to improve your pronunciation, but you will also find others to improve your reading skills in the language or your grammar. In addition, it has other resources such as songs or vocabulary lists to expand on your knowledge.

6. Business English Pod

In case you dedicate yourself to the business world this can be your channel. English is a very common language in this area and the Business English Pod channel offers specialized business English lessons. By consulting your videos you can acquire new vocabulary to express yourself correctly in presentations, meetings or interviews in which you must speak English.

6. VOA Learning English

Let’s say that listening is not your strong point and that you always have a hard time understanding what they say in the movies or series that you see subtitled: this channel is for you. It offers subtitled videos in which English is spoken somewhat slower than usual so that your ear can get used to the pronunciation. The channel also publishes in Google+ Hangouts, where you can also get in touch with other users.

7. Jennifer ESL

This channel has more than 200 videos distributed in different playlists. It offers lessons to learn English from the beginner level so that those interested can improve their writing, grammar or vocabulary. It has a very simple presentation and focuses mainly on pronunciation. It is a channel that stands out for the naturalness of its videos.

8. Britlish – Learn British English

Britlish – Learn British English, far from focusing on improving a specific area of ​​English, betting on an English of interesting things, British English as its name suggests. You can learn from necessary vocabulary to get around in places like airports or means of transport to understand the famous English humor. All your videos are subtitled and narrated clearly.

9. EF podEnglish

It is a simple and practical channel oriented especially to those with an intermediate or advanced level of English. The video lessons you can find are divided into 3 parts: see, learn and put into practice. It also has thematic videos about technology, movies, weather … so you can improve and expand your vocabulary.

How not to encourage yourself to learn English with all this amount of resources at your fingertips? If learning or improving the one you already know has been one of your New Year’s resolutions, do not waste any more time and check out one of these channels. You will not regret.

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