9 Reasons to Study in Australia

9 Reasons to Study in Australia

To start the article with a good taste in the mouth we want to tell you the reasons why studying in Australia is a great idea:

1. Traveling and studying in Australia is a perfect combination

What are we going to say? One of the main reasons why we decided to come to live in Australia was to have the opportunity to know the country and travel throughout this part of the world.

Five years after landing in Australia and having traveled practically all over the country we were still surprised by the beauty of the country and the wild nature that it hides.

Studying in Australia is the perfect excuse to make the trip through Australia with which you had always dreamed.

2. Learn or improve your English

Speaking English is essential for most jobs and very important for the rest. For this reason, spending a season in an Anglo-Saxon country such as Australia will help you improve your CV and open more job opportunities.

It is clear that Australia is not the only country where you can study English, but we are convinced that it is the most complete: beaches, good weather (In some areas, we will not be fooled either), friendly people, safe to live and with the possibility of working to cover expense.

3. Beaches and surf

If you are beach-goers and nature lovers in Australia, you will find your paradise, and this cannot be countered by anyone.

We have to recognize that in terms of beaches to Australia it is very difficult to overcome it: kilo-metric beaches, fine white sand, dunes, crystal clear waters and world class waves to make surfing. Ah! And kangaroos as towel mates.

From the shore of the beach next to the house we see whales every winter, we see dolphins practically every month and … yes, come on, I’ll tell you, we’ve had to leave the water once because the alarm has sounded of the shark … But what is life without a little risk?

4. Change career and be happy

Perhaps one of the main reasons why you are thinking of coming to study in Australia is because you are not happy with your work, because it no longer fills you with what you do and because you want to change your life.

If so, I have to tell you that Australia is the perfect country to turn around your professional career.

During our years living in Australia we have seen how some of our friends left behind professions that did not make them happy and were trained to exercise a completely different profession. We have changed our careers in Australia ourselves.

In Australia it is not so common to go to university and you have many higher education courses lasting from 3 to 18 months (Depending on the industry) that allows you to learn a new profession in a short time while doing an internship to gain experience.

5. Meet people from all over the world

Australia is full of international students, is one of the main sources of income in the country.

Once you have decided to study English, a higher education course or go to university, you will share a desk with students of different nationalities: Chinese, Filipinos, Brazilians, French, and Italians….

6. Quality of life

The quality of life index measures the happiness of the inhabitants of a city or a country and takes into account factors such as political stability, the economic environment, health, education, transport, public services …

Several cities in Australia have slipped into the top positions of this world ranking: Sydney tops the list of Australian cities with the number 10, Melbourne has 18, Perth 21, Adelaide 32 and Brisbane 36.

7. Australia is a very safe country

To give you an idea, we have a friend who has forgotten her wallet three times in different bars and they have always returned it with all her cards and the cash she was carrying.

Australia is one of the safest countries in the world with a very low crime rate.

In the five years that we have been living in Australia, we have not had any unpleasant situations nor have we felt insecure at any time.

8. Job opportunities

The unemployment rate in Australia was only 5.6% in 2017 and is expected to drop a bit more in the coming years.

Australia is a country that offers many job opportunities, but you must bear in mind that it is very important to speak English well to be able to access qualified work and that you will still have to work hard and be clear about your objectives in order to open your way.

But if what you want is to spend a season studying in Australia and earn some money to support yourself then you will be surprised by the number of job opportunities to work in hospitality, cleaning or caring for children you can find in Australia.

9. The salary

The salaries in Australia are very good, especially compared to other countries like Spain. For example working as a cleaner, waiter, in construction or nanny can charge between $18 and $35 per hour. Of course it depends on where you work and the day of the week (here on Sunday it is double charged).

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