7 Techniques to avoid Stress and Improve your mental state

7 Techniques to avoid Stress

Discover seven simple techniques that will help you reduce tension and nervousness, as well as more serious problems caused by stress.

  • Stress can lead to digestive or cardiovascular health problems if it does not slow down.
  • Everyday things like exercising or being more organized reduce stress.
  • Meditation, laughter and aromatherapy are powerful weapons against these problems.

We have all experienced stress at some time, whether due to personal situation, at work or in studies. In addition to producing anxiety, nervousness and fatigue, stress can lead to serious health problems.

Chronic stress, the one that occurs for a long time, involves consequences in the digestive and cardiovascular system. It also contributes to the weakening of the immune system (which means more colds and infections) and obesity. These are just some of the health problems derived from stress.

Therefore, learning to control it can extend life. Symptoms are usually mild and can be relieved by coping techniques, such as learning to relax or exercise. These seven techniques will help you get rid of stress:

1. Organize and delegate tasks

Stress is common in disorganized people or those who cannot disconnect from work. This technique is as simple as organizing well on a day-to-day basis. Buy an agenda, plan your day, both at work and outside of it, and make the right decisions. Try to prevent work from invading your non-work hours.

An important part of getting this done is learning to delegate tasks when you are overloaded. Trust your colleagues to start reducing stress.

2. Do not forget to laugh

Something as everyday as laughing can reduce the production of hormones that generate stress. In your free time, do activities that make you laugh and, with that, relax.

Take the time to go for dinner or have a drink with friends. When you are stressed, it seems that you do not have time for anything that is not productive. Generally it is not true. There are always some free holes in your agenda to do something fun, clear up and avoid stress.

3. The aromas as therapy

Aromatherapy involves the use of natural oils extracted from plants, flowers, herbs or trees. The aromas of geranium, ginger, grapefruit or lavender contribute to relaxation as much as listening to your favorite song.

4. Sleep more

It may seem like a somewhat obvious solution, but the truth is that we can always do more to improve our sleep in time and quality. For example, avoid looking at the phone before going to bed, since the blue light on the screen can make it hard to fall asleep.

The organization also plays an important role in this point. Establish your eight hours of sleep, write them down in the agenda and try to respect them.

5. Meditate and control breathing

Simply dedicate 10 or 20 minutes a day to meditation to clear your mind. It is important to do it daily to avoid both stress and physical fatigue. Mindfulness, a type of meditation, is very fashionable today and is practiced in schools, workplaces and even hospitals. This technique of Buddhist origin is one of the best ways to gain health.

Also take a few minutes to breathe consciously. Inhale as much air as possible and exhale slowly. If we practice this breathing we will also contribute to the cells of our organism oxygenate better.

6. The progressive relaxation

Jacobson’s progressive relaxation is a technique to release muscular tension and, with it, mental tension. It consists of tensing and then relaxing different muscle groups throughout the body and then trying to relax them completely.

7. Exercise regularly

Finally, exercising several times a week on a regular basis can also avoid stress. Yoga, swimming, soccer, running … it does not matter what sport you like to practice. During that time you will release tension and clear your mind in front of the problems of work and personal life.

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