161 Best Educational Websites for Students

161 Educational Websites for Students

Always have this selection on hand with 161 educational websites for students. In this list you will find the best books, articles, videos, audios and courses. Never studying had been so easy!

It no longer only serves to obtain a university degree. Now the recruiters demand the candidates a constant education, always in the hand of some specialization. Therefore, today we want to offer you a list of 161 educational websites for students, a compilation where you can find the best books, articles, videos, audios and MOOC courses. Remember that all of them can be very useful, so do not waste time.


  1.    Actionable Books– free summaries of business books
  2.    Audible– more than 150,000 audiobooks
  3.    Batleby– classic books and non-fiction literature
  4.    Book Video Club– summaries of books in video format
  5.    Deconstructing Excellence– summaries of self-help books
  6.    Four Minute Books– more than 365 free books
  7.    Good Reads– book recommendations and comments
  8.    LibriVox– public domain audiobooks
  9.    Macat– book analysis
  10. Project Gutenberg– free bookstore
  11. Sparknotes– study guides and discussion forums of various subjects
  12. Wikisummaries– free book summaries and in English


  1. Big Think– educational content developed and developed by experts
  2. Corbie– five minute emails to learn science, art and history
  3. Course Hero – courses, tests, exercises, etc.
  4. Guides.co– interactive guides
  5. Math Better Explained– math classes
  6. Snapguide– practical guides to consult or create


  1. Brain Pump– educational videos
  2. Brightstorm– mathematics, science and English with expert teachers
  3. Crash Course– educational YouTube channel
  4. Curiosity.com– learning easy to adapt to each rhythm of life
  5. Curiosity Stream– original and exclusive documentaries
  6. Documentary Addict– more than 5,000 online documents available
  7. Documentary Storm– selection with the best documentaries
  8. Find Lectures– speeches, interviews, readings, documentaries, etc.
  9. Free Documentaries– selection of free documentaries
  10. Gresham College – free readings of various subjects
  11. History of the World since 1500 CE– video series
  12. Minute Physics– science and physics available to everyone
  13. MIT Video– videos from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  14. Math TV– more than 10,000 tutorials on mathematics
  15. Nova– documentaries and mini-series on scientific topics
  16. ouLearn – Open University learning channel on YouTube
  17. Ted.com– videos of experts on technology, education, business…
  18. Ted Ed– classes on any subject
  19. The RSA– talks, debates, animations, interviews, etc.
  20. Savvy– personalized classes with expert teachers
  21. Smithsonian Channel– channel to explore science and nature
  22. The Royal Institution– videos to reflect on science
  23. WatchKnowLearn– more than 50,000 free educational content


  1. BBC Documentaries Podcast– programs and documentaries of the chain
  2. Freakonomics– online radio with different themes
  3. Hidden Brain– how to understand the world and ourselves
  4. iTunesU– to take your classes on the iPad
  5. No Such Thing As A Fish– QI discoveries
  6. Radio Lab– interesting documentaries to understand science
  7. Smart People Podcast– interview podcast
  8. Stuff You Should Know– audiopodcast to deal with different topics
  9. TED Radio Hour– based on the contributions poured into TED
  10. TedTalks Podcast– all TED talks
  11. Working– how do Americans work?


  1. British History– with particularities about the English
  2. China History Podcast– the history of the country to this day
  3. Futility Closet– the forgotten chapters of history
  4. Hardcode History– very entertaining podcast
  5. History of the World in 100 Objects– another way of looking at history
  6. Stuff You Missed in History Class– the deepest story
  7. The History Chicks– the most enjoyable way to learn
  8. The Podcast History of Our World– to the present
  9. WWII Podcast– to learn about World War II


  1. A History of Capitalism Podcast– the history of capitalism
  2. Econ Talk– podcast with interviews
  3. FT Alphachat– business and economy
  4. London School of Economics Podcast– readings and events
  5. Masters in Business– Barry Ritholtz talks about markets, businesses, etc.
  6. Planet Money– explanation of the global economy


  1. Astronomy Cast– discussions on astronomy
  2. Best of Natural History Radio– BBC podcast
  3. Distillations Podcast– science and technology
  4. Instant Anatomy Podcast– human anatomy
  5. Rationally Speaking Podcast– the boundary between reason and absurdity
  6. Science @ NASA– podcast
  7. Space Rocket History– the space explorations
  8. Star Talk– science, pop culture and comedy
  9. The Infinite Monkey Cage– look at the world from science
  10. The Naked Scientist– one hour talk show
  11. The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe– 80 minute podcast
  12. You Are Not so Smart– models to understand human behavior


  1. History of Philosophy without Any Gaps– full story
  2. In Our Time– philosophers, theories, etc. on the BBC
  3. Intelligence Squared– debates, talks and discussions
  4. Oxford Lectures– Podcast of the University of Oxford
  5. Philosophize This! – Podcast about philosophy
  6. Philosophy Bites– interviews of various subjects
  7. Philosophy 24/7– interviews with philosophers
  8. The Partially Examined Life– podcast on philosophy
  9. Waking Up with Sam Harris– human mind, society, etc.


  1. Academic Earth – free online courses
  2. Alison– more than 750 free courses
  3. Big Data University– science and Big Data courses
  4. Canvas Network– courses and classes of leading universities
  5. Class Central– thousands of courses and MOOCs
  6. Cosmo Learning– your virtual school
  7. CourseBuffet – catalog of online courses
  8. Coursera– free courses from the best universities
  9. Cudoo– self-learning courses
  10. Degreed– platform for lifelong learning
  11. Ed2Go– classes, preparation courses, etc.
  12. edX– free courses from the best universities
  13. FutureLearn– free courses
  14. HighBrow– small courses in email format
  15. International Open Academy– courses for professionals
  16. Iversity– courses taught by inspiring teachers
  17. Khan Academy– practices, lessons and courses
  18. Lynda.com– tutorials, classes, courses…
  19. Open Culture– courses, audio-books, movies, lessons…
  20. Open Education Database– online education directory
  21. Open Learn– Open University free courses
  22. Open Learning– more than 3000 courses
  23. Open University– distance education for adults
  24. Open 2 Study– free and specialized short courses
  25. Saylor Academy– courses for everyone
  26. Shaw Academy– courses of very diverse themes
  27. Simplilearn– courses for professionals
  28. Skillshare– online classes
  29. Study.com– online college
  30. The Big Know– courses taught by experts
  31. The Great Courses Plus– unlimited courses
  32. Udacity– free courses and nanodegrees
  33. Udemy– learn everything with your own schedule
  34. University of the People– Free American University
  35. uReddit.com– peer-to-peer learning platform


  1. Craftsy– tutorials, kits, inspirations…
  2. Creativebug– more than 1,000 videos of designers and artists
  3. Creative Live– online classes
  4. Instructables– explore and share DIY creations
  5. MasterClass– learn from the best


  1. Albert– interactive practices on science
  2. Brilliant– solve problems and challenges in a fun way
  3. Citizen Maths– math adult courses
  4. Dataquest– learn Data Science
  5. Datamonkey– SQL and Excel classes
  6. School Yourself– interactive Harvard lessons


  1. Babbel– study multiple languages
  2. Baselang– paid Spanish tutorial
  3. Busuu– learn languages ​​with 10 minutes a day
  4. Duolingo– free course in French, German, English…
  5. italki– network that unites students and language teachers
  6. Lernu– the best way to learn Esperanto
  7. Lingvist– learn languages ​​quickly
  8. Memrise– learn languages ​​with joy
  9. Verbling– lessons through video-chat


  1. Codecademy– learn to code for free
  2. Code School– courses and projects to program
  3. Free Code Camp– non-profit projects
  4. Learn Code The Hard Way– courses for beginners
  5. Platzi– to learn technology
  6. Thinkful– course with personalized tutorials
  7. Treehouse– web design, programming, etc.


  1. JHSPHOpen– The Johns Hopkins University
  2. MIT OpenCourseWare– Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Open Learning at Harvard– Harvard University
  4. Open Learning Initiative– Carnegie Mellon University
  5. Open UW– University of Washington
  6. Open Yale Courses– Yale University
  7. Stanford Online– Stanford University
  8. TU Delft OpenCourseWare– Delft University of Technology
  9. UMass Boston Open Courseware– University of Massachusetts Boston
  10. Michigan Open– University of Michigan
  11. Utah State OpenCourseWare– Utah State University

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